WARNING! I SUCK AT DESCRIBING GRAMMAR, AND WHAT YOU READ DOWN THERE AT THE GRAMMAR PART MIGHT NOT BE UNDERSTANDABLE. I TRIED MY BEST. thanks. (if you don't understand them at all, i recommend you to look at the examples and maybe then you'll understand what i am trying to express)

Sa is an incredibly minimalistic conlang based off of another conlang, Samasa. The goal is the same as awaw, except the words actually resemble their original samasa version, along with other things. It was originally present on the samasa page, but now has its own. It's also reworked a bit.

Type oligosynthetic
Head direction VO
Tonal No
Declensions No
Conjugations No
Genders No
Nouns decline according to...
Case Number
Definiteness Gender
Verbs conjugate according to...
Voice Mood
Person Number
Tense Aspect
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Nouns 0%
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Adjectives 0%
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Words 3 of 3
Creator justasurvivalcraftwolf (cringe name i know but i cant change it bc im only on discord)



Letter Sound (IPA)
a a
m m
s s
' ʔ

All allowed syllables[]

s sa
m ma
- a


a: no, not, under, bad, negative adj., empty, void, to carve, intestine, to digest, outside, hole, few, less, mal-, zero, unimportant (from samasa "a")

sa: to give/make, mouth, is, far, to go/flow, water, gas, animal, movement, life, time, weird, new, fresh, change, to change/tickle, many, all, multi-, to try, speed, continue, (mean)while, rapid, colorful, moving, new, sentence, dialect, speech, hum, sound, noise, what?, but, also, and, too, east, circle, tool/device (from samasa "sasa" minus one "sa")

ma: to stay, wait, in/on/at, house, place, near, next to/with, to use, number, image, line, shape, color, one, the/this/that, me/we, to know/be able to, power, a/an, part, ability, near, equal (to), similar, same, possible, body part, south, of, to lead, human, intruiging, to want/need, to hunt/get/acquire, any shape with less than 5 angles (from samasa "ma")



  • Since all of the words are monosyllabic, they can be fused together, thus allowing for more abstract ideas to be formed. (the adverbs/modifiers come after the root)
  • the word order is SVO
  • this language is highly contextual, just like how many other minimalistic conlangs are.


  • loanwords are to be avoided
  • if we do use loanwords, (such as names) they shouldnt be converted, but should start with a capital letter.
  • sentences are to be begun with a lowercase letter, except if they are names.
  • if there are more than two a-s nex to eachother, then they should be pronounced DISTINCTLY. (eg. aaaaa - pronounced as: long a (BREAK) long a (BREAK) short a) The glottal stops/dashes ARE ONLY USED IF THE WORD THAT COMES AFTER IT IS THE "DIRECT OBJECT" (which can also mean "to") OF THE PREVIOUS WORD. (you/he/she/it/they = maa, NOT ma'a/ma-a) "Welcome!" would be translated as: masa'maaaa'ma! (igive'feelinggood'notfew'person!)
  • double a-s should be pronounced as /a:/
  • gendered words are removed to avoid accidental sexism


  • if we want to introduce a direct object, we must first write our verb, (eg. ma sa - lit. i work) then use the colon and write the direct object after. in speech, this all depends on tone. (eg. ma sa: ma - lit. i work: that)
  • questions are to be written like this: ma sa/ma/a a sa/ma/sa? (taken from toki pona's "subject verb/noun/adjective ala verb/noun/adjective?" structure)
  • unlike questions, exclamations and wishes don't have a specific way of writing them.


  • numbers barely exist. for example, we can only say "a" which means zero, or "ma" which means one.
  • dates are to be written as usual.


  • North: maa (southnot)
  • South: ma
  • East: sa
  • West: saa (eastnot)

Extra directions[]

  • Northwest: maasasaa (southnot-and-eastnot)
  • Northeast: maasasa (southnot-and-east)
  • Southwest: masasaa (south-and-eastnot)
  • Southeast: masasa (south-and-east)

3 digit display[]

3 digit display for the Sa conlang

Emoji writing system[]

word emoji
ma 💭
sa 💨
' (not really a word but rather a symbol)


key m a

how it would work: since it only has 2 keys, to type different characters than m or a, the buttons must be pressed in various ways:

s: hold "m"

': hold "a"

[SPACE]: press "m" and "a" at once


fitnessgram pacer test[]

The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues.

ma FitnessGram Pacer Test (ma ma sasa) sa'ma'sasa, ma sa a, sa ma sa.

literal translation: the FitnessGram Pacer Test (keep power abilitytest) is multipart movementtest, it gets hard, while it continues.

Fahrradsattel (slightly vulgar)[]

Du willst eine Jahreskarte

maa ma ma'sa'ma'ma (notme want squareofgivingpeopleability)

Du willst einen Ring am Finger

maa ma sa'ma (notme want circle'finger)

Eine Gummihand in deiner

masa ma ma'maa (bodypartweird in acquaintance'notmy)

Festgekettet und für immer

ma'a sa sa'ma'aa (able'not and to'time'smallnot)

Aber ich will dein Fahrradsattel sein (x2)

sa, ma ma: sa masa maa (x2) (but, i want: become stayingtool notmy)

Aber ich will dein Fahrradsattel sein (x6)

sa, ma ma: sa masa'maa (x6) (but, i want: become stayingtool'notmy)

A scene from woy in Sa[]