Sagirian (Žagirški) is a constructed language project developed by Alexander Jakobsson, with the goals of enabling learners to understand grammatical points of natlangs that can be seen as confusing and abstract and making the learning and understanding of natlangs ("real" languages) overall easier.


The development of the spoken language and it's first variant of the native alphabet began on the 28th of September 2013.

The Writing System (Sìkolàrìt)[]

Sìkolàrìt A The first of the 3 varieties of the sìkolàrìt, the sìkolàrìt A, was a syllabary/alphabet hybrid, a lot like the Cyrillic "alphabet". It was inspired mostly by Greek and Cyrillic shapes, while some characters were original. The idea was scrapped after Jakobsson realized that the alphabet was lacking in rhythm and was hard to write, and it also did not correspond well with the orthography of the spoken language.

Sìkolàrìt B[]

The second version was a lot more carefully planned out and more rhythmic. It was based on hours of writing nonsense symbols, which makes it easy on the hand, and naturally aesthetically pleasing. It continued on being the main backbone for the next installment of the system.

 Sìkolàrìt C[]

 The 3rd advancement is the current and one of two official writing systems in Sagirian. The majority of characters are identical to their sìkolàrìt B counterpart. 

Latin alphabet[]

The Latin alphabet is the 2nd official writing system of Sagirian, with a wide arrangement of diacritics for both vowels and consonants to accurately correspond with Sagirian's large amount of orthography, something Sìkolàrìt (currently) lacks.

The official alphabet chart goes:

Aa (ànèl) Zz (zëta) Ss (sįn) Dd (dolet) Ee (eben) Ff (felin) Gg (gìmel) Hh (hahner) Ii (itro) Jj (jejne) Kk (kòmel) Ll (lýx) Mm (mikt) Nn (nekter) Oo (ólor) Pp (pèmil) Rr (rètna) Tt (tebin) Uu (uluks) Vv (vètir) Yy (ýlyx)

with the additional letters:

Áá Àà Ââ Ąą Ää Čč Žž Šš Éé Èè Êê Ęę Ëë Ĝĝ Įį Ïï Óó Òò Ôô Ǫǫ Öö Řř (same sound as Žž) Úú Ùù Ųų Üü Ýý Y̨y Ÿÿ Bb  


Here is a simple list of Sagirian's phonology:(coming soon)