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Saskrana and other Saskranic languages are only spoken in Miuchet, a small peninsula forming off the side of Greater Atlantica. Modern Saskrana is thought to have been formed around the years 1800 - 1850.

The Saskranan Alphabet[]

The Saskranan Alphabet consists of 14 separate letters, 5 vowels and 9 consonants. The IPA pronunciation follows the letters in the alphabetical fashion.

Vowels: A(a) U(ɯ̽) O(ɑ) V(ɜ) '(ʔ)

Consonants: K(k) N(n) R(r) S(s) Z(ʂ) F(ɸ) P(p) 0(ʜ) H(h)


*This dictionary is incomplete. Feel free to expand upon it as necessary.

Hello: Zar (ʂar)

Goodbye: Kon (kɑn)

Welcome: Fvr'o (ɸɜrʔɑ)