Slese (Welcome) to Saso lessons. Saso lessons are divided into units, this is unit 1. Unit is designed to teach the very basics of Saso. At the end of this unit you should be able to understand noun declensions and verb conjugations in the present tense, and construct basic sentences.

This first lesson will introduce simple phrases that are used in Saso, such as please and thank you. This lesson will also explain to you a note about the construction of the phrases. This lesson will also teach you the phonetics of the alphabet. 


The following is the alphabet in Saso. The IPA is in slashes, with an English equivalent provdied when appropriate.

m - /m/, mike

p - /p/, pine

f - /f/,fall

v - /ⱱ/

w - /θ/, the.

n - /n/, no

d - /d/, dinner

s - /s/, sight

z - /z/, zoo

r - /ɹ/, rack

l - /l/, late

j - /j/, yes

k - /k/, cup

g - /g/, go

q - /x/

ç - /L/

c - /q/

h - /h/, aha.

e - /i/, evil

ã - /e/ , ate

ê - /ɛ̝/, set

ú - /œ/

a - /æ/

i - /I/, it

ô - /ɵ/

û - /ə/, uh

o - /ɐ/, ah

ó - /ʊ/

õ - /u/

ø - /o/, open

u - /ʌ/

ãi - /ai/, ice

õi - /ɔɪ/, boy

eu - /ʊəʳ/, pure

aê - /eəʳ/,

sh - /sʰ/

fw - /ʍ/

Basic Phrases[]

Basic Phrases in Saso
Welcome Slisi
Hello Zãí
Goodbye Asi
Please Mísdi
Thank you Daka
Today Ônil
Tomorrow Ônis
Yesterday Ôniv
Week Ôsêma
Weekend Ôsêma Ãisû
Yes Sa
Left Nri
Right Nrã

Above are some of the more common phrases found in Saso. 

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