A primitive language with no declensions or conjugations.


Originally intended as a language for goblins, Soī has become a stock primative language for several of my short stories. Feel free to take it, change it, and use it for your own projects!


Soī has monosyllabic words that start with consenant sounds and end in vowel sounds (eg. 'bo', 'na', 'ye', and 'wī'). Every consenant sound has a meaning attached to it, and every vowel has a usage.

Modifiers attach to the end of nouns and verbs as suffixes.


Instead of naming things, Soī often has speakers point at what they're referring to.


In Soī, action-sentences follow this structure:

Subject(+Modifier) Verb(+Modifier) Object(+Modifier)

Instead of having the word "to be", Soī simply has the second noun attached to the end of the first noun as a suffix:


The Special Ending[]

"Ī" attaches to the end of words as suffixes, just like Modifiers. Specials however can affect anything, including Modifiers and other Specials. Make sure Specials come right after the syllable they're modifying.

The Name Ending[]

The "u" (uh) sound is used in names. In Soī cultures, children are given names once they come of age. A typical name is comprised of two syllables. Elders and heroes are given more names.


Nouns are inherently singular so "one" is not used. To make a noun plural you add "tī" to the end. To say "specifically two" you add "tītī" to the end. Three is "tītītī". Four is "tītītītī". This pattern continues until five (or ten), after which you use "tīhī", for "many".

The Graph[]

Here's a graph of the entire Soī vocabulary. A "?" means I haven't thought of anything, and it's open game as to what it could be. Have fun!

Sound Noun (-o) (oh) Verb (-a) (ah) Modifier (-e) (eh) Special (-ī) (ee)
B friend, ally help helpful for
D hero, winner win brave, successfully ?
F leader lead, control controlling with
G (hard g) animal hunt wild ?
H expert practice skilled, skillfully very
J (hard j) party, performance celebrate, perform happy, great, happily ?
K clothes, shell cover, protect warm ?
L scholar read, understand, solve, know smart scholar of
M vehicle, mount move, bring ? ?
N ? lie evil not, opposite
P home, structure hold safe, ready ?
R child ask annoying question
S word, idea say clear metaphorical
T place sense, learn precise plural (see Counting)
V elder, parent survive important in the past
W victim, target sleep helpless in the future
X (soft j) tool, job work possible one that does
Y food eat large ?
Z water change, take quick, quickly ?
Č (ch) plant grow alive ?
Š (sh) destroy, end reckless ?
Þ (th) earth stand, be present strong on, in
- (silent) thing do strange -ness, and*
Glottal fricative (I can't find the symbol) effect, ailment heal, wait sick ?
Glottal implosive waste waste dirty, messy ?
Rolled 'r' path, style choose, live ? towards
Alveolar implosive wealth trade valuable Iike/as