Bannuhc - bɐn´nuç


lorr drët ahumaÿadeyjn vasas. Derroïmex fayan namilt amfai tjor cehcs. Bua tatatën ro’x.

Jag igår ahumaÿadeyjn letade.

↓Manner/Place→ Bilabial Labiodental Alveolar Palatal Velar Glottal
Nasal m
n ɲ (ny)

Stop b
t d ɟ (y) k (c/g)
f v s ç (hc)  ʝ (yj) ɣ (rr) h



ɾ (r)

Lateral approximant

l ʎ (ÿ)

Consonant inventory: /m n ɲ b t d ɟ k f v s ç ʝ ɣ h j ɾ l ʎ/

Vowel inventory: /i u æ ɐ ɛ ɪ/

/æ/ - ë

/ɐ/ - a

/ɛ/ - e

/ɪ/ - ï

/u/ - u / o (both letters mean the same thing. There are two spellings because the sound formed by the merging of two sounds (one central and one back). Generally Bannuhc is moving in the direction of more vowels.

Diphthongs: /ai/ - /ɐi/

Letterings: x - ks



words >> Syllables >> onset / nucleus / coda

Onset: /m n ɲ b t d ɟ k f v s ç ʝ ɣ h j ɾ l ʎ/

Coda: /m n ɲ b t d ɟ k f v s ç ʝ ɣ h j ɾ l ʎ/

Nucleus: /i u æ ɐ ɛ ɪ/ + /ɐi/

Forbidden clusters: /ɲ ɟ k ʎ b/

Sonority hierarchy:  

Vowels (ɐ > u æ i > ɛ ɪ >)

Consonants (j > l > ɾ > m n > h ç > v > f > s > ɟ > ɣ >b d > t)

After the red marker the consonants can’t cluster together except for the green marked sound. Green works and red doesn’t. Purple can’t cluster with purple and orange can’t cluster with orange)

Examples: dvulm - tjɐvf - vmibn - dvæçv

(Obstruants + sonorants) - Sonorants + obstruants) - (Obstruants + obstruants)

Sonority plateaus - Legal

In any syllable-internal sequence of a nasal and a stop, the nasal and the stop must have the same place of articulation


roots -> derviation -> lexicon

träd = bïs

glad = nala

göra = ertën

till = koto/ot

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