NE Definition
ahneapen to pluck off
bannen to summon
blanden to mix
bloten to sacrifice
blowen to bloom, blossom
falden to fold
fallen to fall
fangen to seize
floken to clap, strike
flowen to flow
gangen to go
growen to grow
halden to hold
hangen to hang
heawen to hew
hleapen to leap
hlowen to low, bellow
hropen to shout
hwopen to threaten
knawen to know
krawen to crow
mawen to mow
rowen to row
sawen to sow
scaden to separate
slæpen to sleep
spannen to join, clasp
spowen to succeed
stalden to possess
swapen to sweep
swogen to sound
þrawen to turn, twist
walden to rule
walken to roll
wallen to boil
wawen to blow
waxen to grow
wepen to weep
wroten to root up