Sumoparlire is the highest form so far of a language that I have been working for about seven months. It existed in its very early stage as Subsoparlir, its most ancient form; this form of the language existed for about two months until it evolved into its main stage Sumesoparlire. Sumesoparlire was the longest stretch of time for the language lasting about four months. I was finding troubles with the middle version of my language and decided to evolve it into what it is now: Sumoparlire. From here, I do not know where I will go, but I know it will be an adventure!

Note also that I am not a linguistics master nor do I comprehend a lot of the technical terminology, but I do enjoy language creation and construction. If you review my language, feel free to give me advice and critique. That would be very well appreciated!


The roots taken for this language are a combination of English, French, Greek, and Latin roots. All roots from these languages are malleable and subject to change in order to fit its phonology.