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Name: T'iksk

Type: Isolating

Alignment: Nominative-Accusative

Head Direction: Final

Number of genders: 0

Declensions: Yes

Conjugations: Yes

Nouns declined
according to
Case Number
Definitiveness Gender
Verbs conjugated
according to
Voice Mood
Person Number
Tense Aspect

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General information[]

Gender Cases Numbers Tenses Persons Moods Voices Aspects
Verb No No No Yes No No Yes Yes
Nouns No No No No No No No No
Adjectives No No Yes No No No No No
Numbers No No No No No No No No
Participles No No No No No No No No
Adverb No No No No No No No No
Pronouns No Yes No No Yes No No No
Adpositions No No No No No No No No
Article No Yes No No No No No No
Particle No No No No No No No No



Labial Labiodental Alveolar Post-alveolar Velar Uvular Glottal
Plosive Voiceless p ‹p› t ‹t› k ‹k› q ‹q› ʔ ‹'›
Voiced b ‹b› d ‹d›
Ejective p' ‹p'› t' ‹t'› k' ‹k'› q' ‹q'›
Nasal m ‹m› n ‹n›
Fricative Voiceless f ‹f› s ‹s› ʃ ‹sh› x ‹x› h ‹h›
Voiced v ‹v› z ‹z› ʒ ‹zh›
Affricates Voiceless ts ‹ts› tʃ ‹ch› ks ‹ks›
Voiced dz ‹dz› dʒ ‹j›
Ejective ts' ‹ts'› tʃ' ‹ch'› ks' ‹ks'›
Rhotic r ‹r›

Length of all consonants apart from plosives and affricates is phonemic.


Front Back
High i o
Low a

Vowel length and height, represented using the acute accent ‹´›, are phonemic.


Ejectives and coronal fricatives (all except /x/ and /h/), and /r/, may be syllabic. All syllables must have a consonant onset. Consonant clusters are common: there are few to no restrictions across syllable boundaries, and within a single onset or coda any combination of one coronal and one dorsal consonant may exist. A nasal in a cluster must be closest to the nucleus.



T'iksk is a near-perfect representation of a head-final language.


The only inflection upon nouns is the plural suffix -ists, or -rists if the root ends in a vowel, ejective, or coronal fricative.

Verbs are inflected for the following tense, aspect, and voice:

  • Past: -st
  • Progressive: -zn
  • Passive: k'-

The clitic li'- also exists for the future tense, derived from the particle líx which precedes the verb.



Case is inflected upon the article, which may be definite or indefinite; or upon a possessive pronoun. Cases are nominative and accusative (non-nominative).

Nominative Accusative
Definite t'in din
Indefinite is iz
1 ch'ip jib
2 k'it kid
3 p'at bad

Open Class[]