The language is still under heavy development, thank you for visiting my constructed language page!

If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask me on Discord (tag: Simple Ravanakel#9271)

- Simple Ravanakel, 10 January 2023

General Information[]

Ta'riki is a fictional language which is indigenous and widely spoken in the Lemurian continent. It is also spoken in some parts of southeast asia (mostly in the two Nusa Tenggaran Provinces in Indonesia) Ta'riki belongs to the wider Neo-Shana Language Family that dominates much of Lemuria. People that speak this language is the Ta'rikians, an ethnic group native to Lemuria.


Ta'riki doesn't have any special characters. Listed below are few sounds that have to be remembered.

" Sh " sound pronounce /ʃ/

" Ng " sound pronounce /ŋ/

" Ny " sound pronounce /ɲ/

Consonants and Vowels[]


In latin alphabet writing system, Ta'riki only have one special consonant. Ts is pronounced // or C. The rest follows the standard latin alphabet script.


Ta'riki only have 5 basic vowels, similar to English. Remember, You have to pronounce the " E/e " alphabet as æ.

Front Central Back
Close i u
Mid æ ə o
Open a

Writing System[]

Ta'riki uses both the Mesanera Writing System and Latin Alphabet Writing System. The Latin Alphabet Writing system in Ta'riki's case is adapted to ta'rikian phonology in order to create ease and efficiency in communication, as well as standardization. Only the Ts to replace the (C) Alphabet.

A, B, Ts, D, E, F, G .... Etc.



In Ta'riki, native speakers often address a person/being or other matters corresponding to their feeling/mood.

  • " Kl " (pronounced, [K-lə]) to express like/love/fond of or towards someone or something
  • " Kn " (pronounced, [K-nə]) to express neutral/strange/new of or towards someone or something
  • " Kf " (pronounced, [K-fə]) to express angry/hate/bad/dislike of or towards someone or something

Example :

  • Ci'no KfFayardinan(I hate Ferdinand)
  • Mayatiri J'lko KnAdriyan (Mayatiri sees Adrian as strange)
  • Ha'tukku KlSinamo eseri ( Ha'tukku Likes Pink Diamonds)


Ta'riki Language also doesn't have any specific tenses to describe actions/events that will happen/is or are happening/have or has happened. You just have to add these three words based on the action/action context and it's time/period.

  • G'kle, Use whenever an action will or likely to happen
  • H'kle, Use whenever an action is happening
  • J'kle, Use whenever an action is finished/happened


  • Ferdinand j'kle mete'suar (Ferdinand is Eating)
  • Salina g'kle natu'rino (Saline is going to fly)


Ta'rikian is still a relatively young language. But I have made some important phrases in order to speak the basic conversation in Ta'riki.


  • He'ntu, Mirang'ko ketesuma? (Hello, How are you?)
  • Mirang'ki Nebuja'ri/Nebu'joro (I'm great or other certain good emotions or feelings/I'm not great or other certain bad emotions or feelings)
  • Fe'ri a'aru imase? (What is your name?)
  • Fe'ri a'aru masake? (Where are you from?)
  • At'ria imase .... (My name ... )
  • At'ria masake .... (I'm from ... )
  • J'lko Re'sum Nio! (Long time no see!)
  • T'siri (Welcome)
  • Mas'kina Ulona (Good Morning), Use during 4 AM - 12 NOON
  • Mas'kina Tusona (Good Afternoon), Use after 12 NOON
  • Mas'kina Usona (Good Evening/Night), Use after 6 PM
  • Main! (Please!)
  • Yes (Lo)
  • No (Ho)
  • Maybe (Getiri)
  • Shpre'ku sura? (Excuse me?)
  • I (At'ri)
  • You (A'aru)
  • Sm'ra (He/she)
  • Re' Lo Shondako ...? (Do you speak ...?)
  • Mi sedudu/Mi' no sedudu (I understand/I Don't understand)

Example text[]

  • Good morning, my name is Simple Ravanakel, I am from Indonesia. And I speak Indonesian, Javanese, little Malay and Ta'riki.
    • " Mas'kina Ulona, At'ria imase Simple Ravanakel (Naraver). At'ria masake Andanesaya. Shondako il'ngawa Andanesaya, Yavadevepa, em'su Malon ebin Ta'riki. "