Months in Talamäskaski usually have names of actions or things used in that month. The Sanskrit derived names are also used, and sometimes the two names are put together separated by a hyphen.

Month: Psin

January: Psekna/Empezarük (empezar means beginning)

February: Psdwije/Patentsto

March: Pstri/Tsrbs

April: Psqat/Travjano (travjü means grass)

May: Psanq/Flohrtserük (flohrtser means bloom)

June: Sxna/Lipetsvarb (lipearb means linden tree)

July: Psapta/Zasantrhagxo (za san trhagxom means of Saint James)

August: Psasxta/Empesxkolaruk (sxkola means school and empezar means begin)

September: Psnawa/Zaprofez (za profezüromis means of the teachers)

October: Sdasxa/Foljümtsaerük (foljüm means leaf and tsaer means falling)

November: Sdasxna/Ajzhljevsko (ajzhljevsk means chilly)

December: Sdasxwje/Terminnevar (terminar means end and nevar means snow)

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