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This shows the progress of the conlang as individual parts are completed and calculate the total level of completion, when it reaches beyond 95% it will automaticly declare the article completed as there is little left then.

Variable Description Value range
Phonology The sounds and their writitngs of the conlang 0-100
NounDef How definitiveness of a noun is said 0-100
NounNumbers What numbers and their declension 0-100
NounGender Genders and their declension 0-100
VerbPerson Verbs agree with person 0-100
VerbNumber Verbs agree with number 0-100
VerbAspect What aspects do they have? 0-100
VerbTense any Tenses? 0-100
VerbMood What is its moods? 0-100
VerbVoice Active, Passive, more or less? 0-100
AdjCase Does the adjective agree with noun case? 0-100
AdjNumber Agree with number? 0-100
AdjDef Defintiiveness? 0-100
AdjGen With the gender? 0-100
AdjComparative How are they forming Comparative form? 0-100
AdjSuperlative Superlative form? 0-100
Supine Are the verb supine fixed? 0-100
Gerund Noun form of a verb? 0-100
Participle Adjective form of verbs? 0-100
Infinitive Root form? 0-100
Modality Probability, possibility and neccesity of the action? 0-100
Words How many words does the language have? 0-1500
This project is completed.
By all means, please contribute to the language's culture and/or history.
Progress 100%

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