The Conlang Wiki offers some useful templates for its users, for text manipulation and whatnot.

Text Manipulation Templates[edit | edit source]

Several templates exist to assist in manipulating text-based info on the wiki.

{{LangTitle}}[edit | edit source]

The {{LangTitle}} template changes the apparent name of the page it is put on while its URL remains the same. It is used as such:
{{LangTitle|Example Title}}

{{SC}}[edit | edit source]

The {{SC}} template gives users the ability to write in small caps without much coding needed. It is used as such:
{{SC|Normal Text|Text to be morphed}}
The "normal text" space is there to preserve backwards compatibility with pages that use the older version of the template, while the other space contains the actual text to be converted into small caps. Example usage:
this is an example = {{SC||This is aN eXamPLe}}

{{HPc}}[edit | edit source]

The {{HPc}} template (along with variants {{Hpc}} and {{hpc}}) gives the ability to colour text and optionally bold it. It is used as such:
The "colour" space accepts the following variables:

Full Name Abbreviation
red r
green g
blue b
yellow y

Both the full name and the abbreviations can be used in the first space. If an unrecognised token is inserted (such as "zebras"), it defaults to black.
The second space can take either the token "b" or no token; if "b" is inserted, the text is bolded, otherwise it is of normal weight.
The last space is for the text to be modified.

Example usage: this is a good example = {{Hpc|r|b|this}} {{Hpc|g|b|is}} {{Hpc|b|b|a}} {{Hpc|y|b|good}} {{Hpc|zebras|b|example}}

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