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Classification and Dialects[]



Bilabial Labio-dental Dental Alveolar Post-alveolar Palatal Velar Glottal
Nasal m n ɲ
Plosive p b t d k g
Fricative f v θ ð s z ʃ ʒ ɕ x h
Affricate ts dz tʃ dʒ
Trill r
Approximant w j
Flap or tap ɾ
Lateral app. l


Front Back
High i u
High-mid e ø o
Low-mid ɛ
Low a

Vowels can be short or long, long vowels will be written with an accent mark:

Short vowels: a - e - i - o - u - æ - ë - ę

Long vowels: á - é - í - ó - ú - ǽ

ï - ẅ[]

These are special diphtongues, they are pronounced [ji] and [wu] respectively


This is a silent letter, it appears usually at the end of a word:

  • senę [sen] - fire
  • sotęr [sotr] - been
  • iђęr [iθr] - said


This letter is pronounced [ø], but when it appears at the end of a word it's pronounced [i]: darë (knife)

Writing System[]

Letter a b d đ e f g ǧ h ȟ i k
Sound a b d ð e f g ʒ h x i k
Letter l m n ň o p r ř s š ɯ ϣ
Sound l m n ɲ o p r / ɾ rzʒ s ɕ ʃ
Letter t u w æ ë z ђ ę
Sound t u v w ɛ ø z θ ĭ



Nouns have three cases: nominative, locative and partitive, with singular and plural forms.

1st declension - Monosyllabic nouns [Plural in -or][]

Singular Plural
Nom. duh duhor
Loc. duhu duhur
Part. duheẃ -

2nd declension - Polysyllabic nouns [Plural in -er][]

Singular Plural
Nom. telefon telefoner
Loc. telefonu telefonur
Part. telefoneẃ -

3rd declension - Nouns ending in: -e [Plural in -er][]

Singular Plural
Nom. arȟitekte arȟitekter
Loc. arȟitektiu arȟitektur
Part. arȟitekteẃ -

4th declension - Nouns ending in: -ę [Plural in -e][]

Singular Plural
Nom. senę sene
Loc. seniu seniur
Part. seneẃ -

5th declension - Nouns ending in: ň / ř / ë [Plural in -ir][]

Singular Plural Singular Plural Singular Plural
Nom. troň tronir seleř seleǧir darë darir
Loc. troňu troňur seleǧu seleǧur daru darur
Part. troniẃ - seleǧiẃ - dariẃ -



Simple Far Previous Recent Routine Circumst Conditional Imperative
Present balan - - - - - balan-bę bala
Past balon balonot balonoϣ balonei balones - balon-bę
Future balaẃ balaẃot balaẃoϣ balaẃei - balaẃen balaẃ-bę -

Example of uses (in brackets there are indictaed the names of corresponding tenses in English grammar):

English Ћarante
Present He eats an apple En eđan oẃ tese
Conditional present
He would eat an apple
En eđan-bę oẃ tese
Imperative Eat an apple! Eđa oẃ tese
(Simple past or present perfect)
He ate an apple
He has eaten an apple
En eđon oẃ tese
Far/Historical past
(Simple past or present perfect)
He ate an apple
(longtime ago)
En eđonot oẃ tese
Previous past
(Past perfect)
He had eaten an apple En eđonoϣ oẃ tese
Recent past
("just" pres. perf.)
He has just eaten an apple En eđonei oẃ tese
Routine past
("used to")
He used to eat apples En eđones teseẃ
Conditional past He would have eaten an apple
(in the past)
En eđon-bę oẃ tese
He will eat an apple En eđaẃ oẃ tese
Far future
He will eat an apple
En eđaẃot oẃ tese
Previous future
(Future perfect)
He will have eaten an apple En eđaẃoϣ oẃ tese
Near future
("be going to")
He is going to eat an apple
(right now)
En eđaẃei oẃ tese
Circumst. future
He found an apple.
He is going to eat it.
En eđaẃen oẃ tese
Conditional future He would eat an apple
(in the future)
En eđaẃ-bę oẃ tese



  • house: n. ús
  • tree: n. erem
  • sky: n. lát
  • bread: n. duh
  • water: n. eke
  • dog: n. sok
  • wine: n. seẃe
  • apple: n. tese
  • chair: n. kalot
  • table: n. tolet
  • computer: n. ordinatër
  • telephone: n. telefon
  • fire: n. senę
  • door: n. feze
  • knife: n. darë
  • architect: n. arȟitekte
  • poet: n. poæt
  • to eat: v. eđan
  • to sleep: v. súlan
  • to give: v. balan
  • to drink: v. sëgan
  • to see: v. tean
  • to take: v. wosan
  • to speak: v. ђaran
  • to say: v. iђran
  • to play: v. foϣan
  • big: a. doš
  • small: a. ler
  • tall: a. dasat
  • short: a. ïet / mẅes
  • new: a. fok
  • long: a. mént
  • black: a. sořes
  • white: a. taẃes
  • modern: a. moderne
  • sad: a. loȟer
  • old: a. geђes

Example text[]

Our Father - Séite itreẃ

Séite itreẃ ut-erá sotran látu

áme utreẃ dansæntante-daies

tarptún utreẃ ba itor terægan-daies

ẃodade utreẃ dante-daies, fesí túnu aňí látu

duh oɯberes itreẃ, bala itres Kaite berú

ál baђona zalteker itreẃ taráz itor baђonan zaltekener itreẃ

da kađra itor ba taђan tentašiu

ál danleẃa itor ter ëmt-ok