The Ọcilaṇ Language is a naturalistic conlang spoken by the Ọcilaṇ peoples. The Ọcilaṇ are a people group who live on a pangaea like Earth called Imaj.



Alveolar Retroflex Palatal Velar Palatalized Velar
Nasal Mm /m/ Nn /n/ Ṇṇ /ŋ/ Ṇj ṇj /ŋʲ/
Pre-Nasalized Plosive Mp mp /mp/ Nt nt /nt/ Ṇk ṇk /ŋk/ Ṇkj ṇkj /ŋkʲ/
Plosive Pp /p/ Tt /t/ Kk /k/ Kj kj /kʲ/
Affricate Ts ts /ts/ Tṣ tṣ /ʈʂ/
Fricative Ff /f/ Ss /s/ Ṣṣ /ʂ/ Xx /x/ Xj xj /xʲ/
Approximant Ww /ʋ/ Ll /l/ Ṛṛ /ɻ/ Jj /j/
Tap Rr /r/


Front Back
High Ii /i/ Uu /u/
High-mid Ee /eː/ Oo /oː/
Low-mid Ẹẹ /ɛ/ Ọọ /ʌ/
Low Aa /a/



VC (Vowel-Consonant)

Duplicate the 1st consonant to make a word a name: Eg: Akkal



Nominative Case- Subject of a sentence; Eg: Ọcil (Human)

Accusative Case- Object of a sentence; Eg: Ọcilam (Human)

Genitive Case- Possessor of another noun; Eg: Ọcilos (Human`s)

Dative Case- Indirect object of a sentence; Eg: Ọcilẹk ((To a/the) human)

Vocative Case- Identifies a noun (Can change a noun into a proper noun); Eg: Ọcilaṇ (Human)

Ablative Case- From a noun; Eg: Ọcilej (From a/the human)

Instrumental Case- Using a noun; Eg: Ọciliṛ (Using a/the human)

Locative Case- In/on/at/by a noun; Eg: Ọcilat (In/on/at/by a/the human)


Tense and Aspect: Suffix (The past imperfective is made by doubling the 1st syllable)[]

Non Past Tense- Present or future action; Eg: Ant ((To) eat)

Past Perfective- Finished past action; Eg: Antaṣ (Ate)

Past Imperfective- Ongoing past action; Eg: Antant (Was eating)

Perfect Aspect- Past action that causes something in the present; Eg: Anton (Have eaten)


Grammatical Moods: Prefix[]

Indicative- The verb is known to have happened; Eg: Akkal ant (Akkal is eating/eats)

Conditional Mood- Would; eg: Akkal etṣant (Akkal would eat)

Subjunctive Mood- Should; Eg: Akkal umant (Akkal should eat)

Imperative Mood- Command; Eg: Akkal aṇjant (Akkal eat)

Abilitive Mood- Knows how to do something; Eg: Akkal evant (Akkal knows (how) to eat)

Permissive Mood- Has permission to do something; Eg: Akkal amutant (Akkal is told/allowed/has permission to eat)

Obligative Mood- A need/obligation; Eg: Akkal elefant (Akkal needs/is obligated to eat)

Optative Mood- A wish/hope; Eg: Akkal ixant (Akkal wants/wishes/hopes to eat)



Add "ej" as a prefix; Egs: Ejọcilat (Not in/on/at/by a/the human), Ejanton (Has not eaten), Akkal ejixant (Akkal does not want/wish/hope to eat).



SVO (Subject-Verb-Object)