Toki Lil
Toki Lil
Head direction
Tonal No
Declensions No
Conjugations No
Genders Male/Female
Nouns decline according to...
Case Number
Definiteness Gender
Verbs conjugate according to...
Voice Mood
Person Number
Tense Aspect
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Nouns 0%
Verbs 0%
Adjectives 0%
Syntax 0%
Words 50 root words. Around 3,500 words with other meanings. of 1500
Creator Kingopai1/King of Old Man

Toki Lil (Talk Good) is a micro-language/constructed language inspired by Toki Pona, and Ta Lo Ne. It was designed to simplify language where words reflect off of feelings, and emotions. Its word structure is unusually simple (Example: I am having a good day ---> Mi lil dil ul (Literally; I good day). There is a tiny amount of “official words” but based on existing grammar, you could easily make new words (Example; Long Wood ---> Ol ru lu belo; Literally; Long square brown. Toki Lil is supposed to be a fun, and easy to learn language.

Classification and Dialects[]

Toki Lil is classified as a priori language with massive influences from Tok Pisin, Hawaiian, and English. Words can vary based on existing root words and what the speaker intends to use.


Phonology can vary, as do set pronunciations. This is because of Tok Lil's basic design. There are root words that you can build off of to make new words.

Bilabial Labio-dental Dental Alveolar Post-alveolar Retroflex Palatal Velar Uvular Pharyngeal Epiglottal Glottal
Flap or tap
Lateral fric.
Lateral app.
Lateral flap


Front Near-front Central Near-back Back


Writing System[]

Standard Latin.

Letter A B C D E F G H I J K
Sound Ah Bah Cah Di Eh Fu Jah He Eeeh Ja Kah
Letter L O M N P Q R S T U V W
Sound La Ohh Me Ne Pa Ka Ra See Tee U Va We
Letter Y X Z
Sound Yee Cha Zi



Example text[]

Basic Words[]

He/She/It ‘i
You/Them ‘io/’il
What/That U ki/ U kilt
When U til
Who U tilu
Where/There U hil/ U hil es
Why U kio
How U kil
The/Is/Of Es
They Es io
Then Es u til

Eternal Words; Good and Bad, are the basis for all words in Toki Lil. It works sort of like yin and yang, good emotions and bad ones.

Good No added letters
Bad Add a o to the end of word

Basic Emotions and Words

These words are root words of emotions for words.

Soft/Gentle Sa lina
Tasty Tin
Good/Yes Lil
Relaxing Ahu lilna
Fun/Excited Lin ha
Funny/Hilarious Lin hana
Angry/Mad Lilo an
Sad/Depressed Lino hano
Confused Kio
Nervous Lin haoa
Tired Lin linao
Bored Lin hao
Disgusted Tino
Bad/No Lilo
Disturbing Sio
Strange/Weird Sio ki lilo
Ignorance Lin hao ki
Knowledge Ki
Intriguing Si
Regret Lilo ki


Time(s) U kil ti
Day Dil ul
Night Dalo ulo
Dusk Dil
Dawn Dalo
Now U til lil

Other Basic helpful words

Hello/Hi Hal il
Goodbye Lil hal il lilo
Good Morning Lil dil
Good Afternoon Lil dil ul mun
Good Evening Lil dil ul li ul muno
Thank you Lil il
Please Lil il pli
Welcome Lil-il u es
Excuse me/I’m sorry Mio lilo ki
How are you U kil i
Come in ilu es oli
Take care Mil li li
What is your name U ki il nul
My name is... Mi nul es...
I don’t know Mi lilo ki
I think I know Mi lilo mi ki
Who are you U tilu il
Why did you do that U kio il kilt
Because Mi ki
No reason Lilo mi ki

Done--- Dine

Stop--- Stipo

Words Wohi
Talk Tok
Things Ni
Achievements Lil Ni Mi


Up Ul
Down Ulo
Left Li ulo
Right Li ul
Outside Ol lio
Inside Ol li
Over There Al es hil
Center Mun
Not Centered Muno


In Toki Lil, colours are based off multiple colour root words. Orange would be Relo Helo, or Cyan, Belo Gelo.

Red Relo
Yellow Helo
Green Gelo
Blue Belo
Purple Pelo
Black Belo
White Welo
Orange Relo-Helo

Cosmological Materials

Sun Helo ski mun
Star Welo ski dalo ulo
Moon Welo ru li ga ski
Cloud Welo ar ski
Air/Breeze ar
Hot Hun
Cold Cun
Humid Hun ski
Sky Ski
Wet Cun ski

Shapes and Sizes

Short Olo
Long Ol
Wide Olo ga na
Circle Ru li ga
Triangle Ru li olo na
Square Ru olo
Touch Hi'tu
Good No added letter/ sometimes (a)
Bad Add an (o) to any positive word  

Numbers and Time[]

Number work off the roots. Example; Tre+Un=13, or Tre+Tre+Un=16

One Un
Two Toa
Three Tre
Time Timu

Earth and Life[]


Life--- Lihi


Tree--- Ol Gelo Lihi

Plant--- Gelo Lihi

Created/Made--- Maliki