This page is about miscellaneous things of Tokian grammar.


There is only one article in Toko. That is la(the). English indefinite article "a" and "an" is not avaibable, please use uno(one).


Usually, numerals are not noun but adjective, however they always ends with -o.

0 ~ 999[]

number Tokian word number Tokian word
0 nulo 6 hekso
1 uno 7 septo
2 do 8 okto
3 tro 9 neno
4 katro 10 deso
5 pento 100 sento

Other numbers could be made by these twelve words. For example, 37 is sum of three tens and seven, so 37 is tredeso-septo. And 489 is katresento-oktedeso-neno in same way.

Big numbers[]

number Tokian word number Tokian word
103 milo 1021 heksilio
106 unilio 1024 septilio
109 dilio 1027 oktilio
1012 trilio 1030 nenilio
1015 katrilio 1033 desilio
1018 pentilio 1036 desounilio

And so on. 123,456 for Tokian is sento-dedeso-tro-milo-katresento-pentedeso-hekso. If it's too long to read, you can read it uno-do-tro-katro-pento-hexo.

Ordinal numbers[]

To make ordinal number, put -thi at last of numeral. For an example, dothi(second) is ordinal form of do(two).

Negation and question[]

To make sentence negation, put noη(no, not) after be-verb. For an Example, negation form of sentence Luno os kalei.(Moon is beautiful) is Luno os noη kalei.(Moon is not beautiful).

And to make sentence question, put ku at first of the sentence, and change period to question mark. For an Example, question form of sentence Luno os kalei.(Moon is beautiful) is Ku luno os kalei?(Is moon beautiful?).