Translations from English[]

The sun shines.

  • Salař solaři'ast.

The sun is shining.

  • Salař solaři'avn.

The sun shone.

  • Salař solaři'ost.

The sun will shine.

  • Salař solaři-ist.

The sun has been shining.

  • Salař solaři'avd.

The sun is shining again.

  • Salař solaři'ajl.

The sun will shine tomorrow.

  • Salař solaři-ist takati.

The sun shines brightly

  • Salař solaři'ast solařvia.

The bright sun shines.

  • Solařia Salař solaři'ast.

The sun is rising now.

  • Salař radam'avn tekata.

All the people shouted.

  • Kabit valamaka'ost.

Some of the people shouted.

Many of the people shouted twice.

Happy people often shout.