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==Example text==
==Example text==
[[Category:Turkic conlangs]]

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Type Agglutinative-Flexible
Alignment Nominative-Accusative
Head direction
Tonal No
Declensions No
Conjugations Yes
Genders No
Nouns decline according to...
Case Number
Definiteness Gender
Verbs conjugate according to...
Voice Mood
Person Number
Tense Aspect
Progress 0%
Nouns 0%
Verbs 0%
Adjectives 0%
Syntax 0%
Words of 1500
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Classification and Dialects[]



Bilabial Labio-dental Alveolar Post-alveolar Palatal Velar Uvular Glottal
Nasal m n
Plosive p b t d k ɡ q
Fricative f v s z ʃ ʒ h
Approximant j
Trill r
Flap or tap ɾ
Lateral app. l


Front Back
Close i y ɯ u
Close-mid e ø o
Open-mid ɛ ɔ
Open a ɑ


Writing System[]

Letter Aa Ăă Bb Cc Çç Dd Ee Ëë Ff Gg Hh İi
Sound a ɑ b d ɛ e f g h i
Letter Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Өө Öö Pp Qq Rr
Sound ɯ ʒ k l m n o ɔ ø p q ɾ
Letter Řř Ss Şş Tt Uu Üü Vv Yy Zz
Sound r s ʃ t u y v j z



Singular Meaning Plural Meaning
eyü house eyüler houses
alma apple almaler apples
taş stone taşler stones
Person Possession sing. Meaning Possession plur. Meaning
En arbam my car arbalerem my cars
Sen kizin your daughter kizileren your daughters
On pa his/her money palerenı his/her money (bank)
Bin kitabım our book kitablerım our books
Sin torsahın your bag torsalerın your bags
Onlar baqin their garden baqlarin their gardens
Transitive Sing. Meaning Transitive Plur. Meaning
eyüci a/the house eyülerce the houses
arbaca a/the car arbalerce the cars
taşece a/the stone taşlerce the stones
Adverbs of place Meaning Adverbs of device Meaning
arbaha in the car arbal with car
arbahan on the car arbala by car
arbaya to the car taşal with rock
arbayan from the car taşla by rock
Verb Meaning Formed noun Meaning
akma look/watch akmă watching/looking
üzme swim üzmë swimming
körg see körge seeing


Declarative verb Meaning Condit. verb Meaning Imper. verb Meaning
üzmem I swim üzmenem I wud swim üzmekem I've to swim
üzmen You swim üzmenen You wud swim üzmeken You've to swim
üzme He/She swims üzmene He/She wud swim üzmek He/She's to swim
üzmenım We swim üzmenenım We wud swim üzmekenım We've to swim
üzmenın You swim üzmenenın You wud swim üzmekenın You've to swim
üzmeler They swim üzmeneler They wud swim üzmekler They've to swim
Present Simple Meaning Present Wide Meaning
Akmam I look Akmavaram I'm watching
Akman You look Akmavaran You're watching
Akma He/She looks Akmavar He/She's watching
Akmanım We look Akmavarım We're watching
Akmanın You look Akmavarın You're watching
Akmalar They look Akmavalar They're watching
Past Simple Meaning Past Continouns Meaning
Körgetem I saw Üzmevartam I was saw
Körgeten You saw Üzmevartan You're saw
Körget He/she saw Üzmevart He/She's saw
Körgetım We saw Üzmevartım We're saw
Körgetın You saw Üzmevartın You're saw
Körgetler They saw Üzmevartlar They're saw
Future Simple Meaning Future Indefinitive Meaning
Esihirem I'll feel Esihsanam I'll felt
Esihiren You'll feel Esihsanan You'll felt
Esihir He/She'll feel Esihsan She'll felt
Esihirım We'll feel Esihsanım We'll felt
Esihirın You'll feel Esihsanın You'll felt
Esihirler They'll feel Esihsanlar They'll felt



Example text[]