Most Tuuma greetings employ figurative language, can can vary greatly depending on who one is talking to. (F) marks a formal statement while (INF) marks an informal one.

Tuuma Figurative Meaning Literal Meaning
Alah. Hello. Hello.
(F) S'ullas illit? How are you? Are you well?
(INF) Ullas a? You are?
(F) M'ullam illit, wa s'ullas? I'm well, and you? I'm well, and you are?
(INF) Illit, wa su a? Well, and you?
(F) M'ullam ajait. I'm alright. I'm alright.
(INF) Ajait. Alright.
(F) M'ullam quruit. I am doing badly. I'm poorly.
(INF) Quruit. Poorly.
(F) Niiaq usit' mawa illit. Good day. The day shows itself well.
(INF) Niiaq illit. Good day.
(F) Uhsaii usit' mawa illit. Good morning. The sun shows itself well.
(INF) Jatlncu illit. Good morning.
(F) Uhsaii naatl'angakah illit. Good afternoon. The sun has peaked well.
(INF) Uhsaii naatl'it illit. The good high sun.
(F) Wajan surwa illit. Good night. The night rests well.
(INF) Wajan illit. Good night.
(F) Maanmi sut' ncuhsam jikmit. Goodbye. Until I see you again.
(INF) Alah jikmit. Hello again.