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General information[]



labial Dental Alveolar Palatal Velar Uvular Glottal
Nasal m n ŋ
Plosive t d k
Fricative f v s z x χ h
Approximant ʋ j
Trill r
Lateral app. l


example of the ueoe writing system in use.

Front Central Back
Close i y (u) u (ò)
Close-mid e (e) eː (é) ɘ (ù) o: (ó)
Open-mid ɛ (è) ɔ (o) ɔː (ó)
Open a (a) ɑ (à) ɑː (á)

diptongs : /ai/ (i), /ei/ (ì), /ɔi/ (í), /eɑ/ (æ), /yɔ/ (ǽ)

notes : U on the end of a word is pronaunced /i/


tone motionless + romanization motion + romanization
high ˥ (3) (3) ˧˥ (23) (5)
mid ˧ (2) ˥˩ (31) (4)
low ˩ (1) (1) ˩˧ (12) (2)

Ueoe writing system (1.1)

In romanization, the number is written in superscript above(after) the vowel that is tonal.


The consonants in Ueoe carry mostly a grammatical function, They are grooped per function. The differences between the consonants otherwise is only phoenetical, a speaker is free to chose from the group as long as the grammar stays allright.

Most of the groups carry some simularities in phonetics. Speakers who live close to each other mostly use the same consonants in the same cases.

Consonants within the word itself carry less of a function, they are free to chose, but do not change the meaning of the word.

Only the final n (ŋ) changes the function a bit, it gives the word a questional feeling.


A syllable in Ueoe is formed as (C)V(n)

C are all the possible consonants (except ŋ).

V are all vowels + tones (if tone is empty, tone = mid-motionless)

n can be n at the end of a syllable, if the syllable is the last syllable of the word it forms ŋ.


Ueoe Genders (classes)[]

gender subgender vowel example (ueoe > English)
Animate Human a Aeo mouth
Animal à Àeo beak
Human (2) á Áeo loud (speaking a lot)
(inter) action Human cause u Ueoe speech
Natural cause ù Ùeoe breeze
Object Natural (small o Oaa stone
Artificial ò Òaa pile
Natural (big) ó Óaa mountain
Abstract Unreachable e Eaoa sky
Unknown è Èaoa heaven
Theoretical é Éaoa air

Ueoe initial consonants.[]

group ipa function
group 0 >none< Nominative
group 1 /m/ Accusative
group 2 /f//v//ʋ/ Dative
group 3 /t//d/ Conjunction
group 4 /r//l/ Genitive
group 5 /s//z/ Verb
group 6 /x//χ/ Adverb
h /h/ Adjective
k /k/ instumental
j /j/ Interjection
n /n/ Locative
final n /n//ŋ/ Interrogative

2nd consonant[]

verb tenses[]

tense 2nd vowel ipa
gnomic group 0 >none<
past group 3 /t//d/
future group 6 /x//χ/
far-past group 2 /f//v//ʋ/
present group 5 /s//z/

comparisons (for adjectives)[]

compare English 2nd vowel ipa
standard >none< group 0 >none<
comparative more group 3 /t//d/ʋ/
superlative most group 5 /s//z/
anti-comperative less group 2 /f//v//
anti-superlative least group 6 /x//χ/
anti not k /k/

One-vowel words.[]

word kind word Ueoe ipa
Personal Pronouns I / we à /ɑ/
you i /ai/
he she it they æ /eɑ/
Demonstratives here ò /u/
there (close by) í /ɔi/
there (further away) u /i/
there (not visible/ far wasy) ó /ɔː/
opening for loanwords (not word native for Ueoe) e /e/
Opening for names that are not Ueoe ì /ei/
opening for names Ueoe (higher rank) á /ɑː/
opening for names Ueoe (lowwer rank) é /eː/
opening for names Ueoe (equal rank) è /ɛ/


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Example text[]

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