Sentences translated[]

Birds sing.

àóa sueo.

bird-nom sing-verb-gnom

Childeren play.

aie suie.

child-nom play-verb-gnom

Dogs bark.

àiu sàí5è.

Dog-nom bark-verb-gnom

Bees hum.

àióa sàióa.

bee-nom hum-verb-gnom

baby laughed.

áie sedie.

baby-nom laugh-verb-past

The sun shines.

eǽù seǽù.

sun-nom, shine-verb-gnom

The wind blows.

óeoe sóeoe.

wind-nom blow-verb-gnom

The car started.

School began again.

ìehuuao siduéo χ.....

house-h-learn-nom begin-verb-past again-adv

The child ran quickly.

aie sàduio χàuio.

child-nom run-verb-past quick-adv

Yellow daffodils nodded gaily.

oaoòa hòòa sàdìe χùie.

daffodil-nom yellow-adj nod-verb-past happily-adv

Little Marigold cried bitterly.

ì "Marigold" hàaoòa sàdaoa χ....

marigold-name-nom small-adj cry-verb-past bitterly-adv

All the people shouted.

àe sàdeo.

everyone-nom shout-verb-past

I recited twice.

à s.d.. χ....

1st person-nom recite-verb-past two-adv

The weary traveler slept soundly.

The little brook flows swiftly.

Softly the great white snowflakes fell.

The kind old man laughed pleasantly.

The happy days passed quickly.

Up jumped the smallest boy.

nèí5è aóhie hàsaoòa sudí(˧˥)è

up-loc male-h-child-nom jump-verb-past

My little white kitten purrs softly.

Slowly the great door opened.

All the boys ran away.

àe haóhie sàduio nu.

everyone-nom male-h-child-adj run-verb-past there-loc

The telephone rang again.

e tèlèfón s.d... χ.....

telephone-nom ring-verb-past again-adv

Down came the rain.

nò oaoaa.

here-loc rain-nom.

Once the Indians fought here.

The happy children shouted joyously.

aie hùie sàdeo xuie.

children-nom happy-adj shout-verb-past playfully-adv