What is a noun clause? A noun clause is a sentence within a sentence that replaces a noun in the larger sentence.


English Examples:

Type Example
Subject of verb What Billy did shocked his friends.
Object of verb Billy’s friends didn’t know that he couldn’t swim.
Preposition Mary is not responsible for what Billy did.



Lets see simular ones in umbrean. like in previous, bold is the noun clause and underlined the noun clause maker

Type Example Translation
Subject of verb Djikhsënin pechuömavyügnudh ëdhihsömydhügn I like that he can swim
Object of verb ** **
Preposition ** **

A noun clause is simply formed by taking the original sentence and make the verb into gerund form then decline it accordingly to where in the sentence it is serving and as the gender it have.

Noun clauses such as "What (Xed Y/Y Xed)" in english are rendered as relative/adjective clauses

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