In this lesson we will merely go through the rules of speaking which is outside the grammar.

Given Information[]

This means one mark statement or anything as its information already given in the sentence or discussion and can be marked through two methods

  1. Word order change/Frontalization
    Meaning you take the known information and fronts it putting it before the subject.
  2. Passivization
    Putting the sentence into passive form rather than active

New Information[]

Whether the information has been told before or not

  1. Backilization
    Putting it in the back of the sentence, activization etc.
  2. Indirect object
    You simply make it an indirect object through the usage of postpositions and case changes.


Politeness can be achived through various methods

  1. Passivization
    Passivize when you speak to someone, instead of "May I see you?" youd say "May you be seen by me?"
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