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Name: Ḥeƀįʻopạ

Type: Synthetic

Alignment: Unknown

Head Direction: Unknown

Number of genders: 3

Declensions: Yes

Conjugations: No

Nouns declined
according to
Case Number
Definitiveness Gender
Verbs conjugated
according to
Voice Mood
Person Number
Tense Aspect


Uranian (called Ḥeƀįʻopạ in the language itself) is spoken by the aliens of Uranus. These aliens do not have any tongues, so the language does not contain any coronal, dorsal or radical consonants, however, the language has a high concentration of vowels. One might think that it would give problems to say vowels without using the tongue, but the aliens have a stronger breathing system than human beings. The Uranian aliens do have many benefits over human beings; they have, as said, a stronger breathing system, a lot more resistant to cold and they are smarter than humans. They also have cons; they have shorter lives (they live in about 25 human years), and they have a stronger need for food.

Uranian is of course not the only language in Uranus; it have many more languages than Earth (it has about 20,000 languages in comparison the the 6,000 languages on Earth), but the discoverers chose to call it Uranian because it is the most widely spoken on Uranus.


a ạ ą ã ậ ḁ e ẹ ę ẽ i ị į ĩ o ọ ợ õ ǫ ộ з u ụ ų ự y ỵ

b ḅ ƀ ḇ f ᶂ h ḥ ʻ m ṃ p ᵽ p̃ v ṿ ṽ w ẉ x

The aliens have, as described above, no tongues, so they don't have any coronal, dorsal or radical consonants (consonants that require you to use your tongue with them.) It has a higher concentration of vowels; it has about 25 vowels in comparison with its 23 consonants - 48 letters in total.


  • a - (a)
  • ạ - (ɑ)
  • ą - (ɒ)
  • ã - (ʌ)
  • ậ - (ɐ)
  • ḁ - (æ)
  • e - (e)
  • ẹ - (ɘ)
  • ę - (ə)
  • ẽ - (ɛ)
  • i - (i)
  • ị - (ɨ)
  • į - (ɪ)
  • ĩ - (ɪ̈)
  • o - (o)
  • ọ - (ɔ)
  • ợ - (ɵ)
  • õ - (ɤ)
  • ǫ - (ø)
  • ộ - (œ)
  • з - (ɞ)
  • u - (u)
  • ụ - (ʊ)
  • ų - (ʉ)
  • ự - (ʊ̈)
  • y - (y)
  • ỵ - (ʏ)


  • b - (b)
  • ḅ - (b̪)
  • ƀ - (ʙ)
  • ḇ - (ɓ)
  • f - (f)
  • ᶂ - (ɸ)
  • h - (h)
  • ḥ - (ɦ)
  • ʻ - (ʔ)
  • m - (m)
  • ṃ - (ɱ)
  • p - (p)
  • ᵽ - (p̪)
  • p̃ - (pʼ)
  • v - (v)
  • ṿ - (β)
  • ṽ - (ʋ)
  • w - (ⱱ)
  • ẉ - (ⱱ̟)
  • x - (ʘ)

The language also has, besides the normal consonants the bilabial click (ʘ), the bilabial ejective (pʼ) and the bilabial implosive (ɓ).

Alien alphabet[]

The aliens don’t write the language in the Latin alphabet. The discoverers simply transcribed the text into the latin alphabet after they heard the aliens talk from one of their tables with alien writings on. The writing is based on the alien’s mouth position, which is different from humans.