Urban Basanawa(Basanawa-dji: ばさなわ), natively known as Saxënspraak(Basanawa-dji: サクサン語), Basakota(derived from Rural Basanawa), Burgbasa or Burgspraak, is a West-Germanic (constructed) language belonging to the Indo-European language family, it is an Ingvaeonic language(or a North Sea Germanic language) and is very close to English(in terms of basic words), it is spoken on another planet called "Dë Niuland"(also called "Dë Niuwerld", Basanawa-dji: だ新世界), as the speakers were accidentally transferred by a wormhole to "Dë Niuland".

Urban Basanawa is one of the two language of the Detch people(or Deetch people), the other is Rural Basanawa, more than 70% of the Detch people speak Urban Basanawa as their native tongue.

Like English, Yiddish and Wymysorys, Urban Basanawa is a west-germanic language with a large amount of loanwords.

Urban Basanawa developed from Old Saxon, but the inflection system has been greatly reduced; There are many loanwords from Slavic languages(Mainly a language closely related to Polish, perhaps a dialect of Polish), Malay and Japanese, also, due to the influence of Japanese, and being isolated from other germanic languages, Urban Basanawa doesn't use Latin or Ancient Greek as its source of academic terms.

Despite not being an Anglo-Frisian language, many words of Urban Basanawa are pronunced the same or similar to their English cognates, like feet("feet", pronunciation /fi:t/), fish("fish", pronunciation /fiʃ/), bring("to bring", pronunciation /briŋ/), green("green", pronunciation /gri:n/); but some words are pronunced differently from their English cognates, like ook("eye", pronunciation /u:x/), eggë("edge", pronunciation /ek/), etë("to eat", pronunciation /e:t/); also, there are words which are false friends to their English cognates, for example, deer("animal", pronunciation /di:r/, cognate to English "deer"), selfish("private", pronunciation /selfiʃ/, cognate to English "selfish" but with very different meanings to its English cognates), sood("to prove", pronunciation /su:t/, cognate to English "soothe").

It is thought that Toka na Musume, a language of anime-girl-like girls, is derived from Urban Basanawa, or a creolized form of Urban Basanawa.

The name "Basanawa" is shared by two languages spoken by the Detch people, one is an Ingvaeonic West Germanic language, called "Urban Basanawa"; the other is an Malayic Malay-Polynesian language, called "Rural Basanawa", what is introduced in this article, is the "Urban Basanawa" language. Despite sharing the name and used by the same ethnic group, "Urban Basanawa" and "Rural Basanawa" belong to two unrelated language families.

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