This is me Caribbloke, I love languages and I started conlanging sice I was 11 but it was very basic. My first conlang was a combination of the languages I knew, it was a mix of Dutch, French and Papiamentu (my native language). My latest project is Ochi-Fangwa (the Fangwa language) a member of the Bantu languages with a lot of influences of manly Swahili and Afrihili. I am currently creating a lot of other languages related to Fangwa, each with their own unique character: Entesi, Oseroa, Nashari, Fangwezi and Qolape. And there is also a non-Bantu language : Anara.For this language I am also creating sister languages : Linesi and Linesani.

My Conlangs[edit | edit source]

  • My main conlang is Fangwa (a costructed Bantu language), the closely related conlang is Fangwezi
  • My other conlangs are Entesi ( a very distinct Bantu or Bantoid language)
  • And another Bantoid constructed language Oseroa
  • An unrelated language Anara which has a lot of Bantu influences.
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