Carlos Eugenio Thompson Pinzón
Birth: November 29, 1972; Bogotá, Colombia
Profession: Electronics Engineer
Languages: Spanish, English, Swedish

Alternate history, Constructed languages, Vexillology, Telecommunications, Data networks

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Carlos Eugenio Thompson Pinzón, AKA Chlewey, is a Colombian Electronics Engineer, interested in constructed languages, alternate history, vexillology, mathematics and other activities and sciences.

Also active in the Alternate History wikicity.

Personal hompage: The Chlewey Site.

As the person who requested this Wikicity has cancelled the request, Chlewey became the Lord of Instrumentality of this Wikicity, which in the Wikicities jargon is called the bureocrat and admin.

Chlewey is also lord of intrumentality of the New Generation Language project and its language: Tokcir, hosted here.

Chlewey is also hosting his language Interlecto here.

For licence purposes, other languages by Chlewey are hosted elsewere: