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I'm Ingvar Tvatand, this is not my official name but it is really similar.

I speak Catalan, French, and Spanish. I learned English, that I understand so easy, but I speak it worse, and more less I studied German, Polish, Esperanto. By curiosity I have any knowledge about Basque, Latin, Greek.

But if you need communicate anything to me, please adress to me in the first languages I expose upon, or in English.

I understand easy Romance languages (including Romanian).

In my childhood I learnt European orthographies (with his different pronounciation, including digraphs, trigraphs, etc.) and alphabets (Latin, Cyrillic, Greek). But now it is easy to know this Omniglot is my favourite site.

In data processing I have programmed in Pascal, JavaScript, HTML, VBasic, Basic. I like wiki codes. I can make templates, tables, etc. On cawiki I'm fixing Viquiestris, the Catalan version of Monobook-Suite.

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from Wikipedia in English, but now at Commons
my own creation, it's a scannered sheet of my notes
My own work, made during more than 12 hour! unrepeatable!

Where is it able to find me[edit | edit source]

usually on

other sites, about languages, where someone might find me...
on Wikia on Frath on Conlanger pl-dict
Conlanger Conlanger Conworlder Glagolnik Pasqual (ca)

on Wikipedia and its sister projects...
Viccionari Viquinotícies Commons MediaWiki MetaWiki wiktZ
Pasqual Pasqual Pasqual (ca) Pasqual (ca) Pasqual (ca) Pasqual

and other projects...
SoftCatalà BetaWiki Mozilla
Pasqual (ca) Pasqual Pasqual


Personal alphabet[edit | edit source]

a ă ã b c ċ d đ e f g ġ ğ h i ĭ j k l m n o ö õ p q r s t ŧ u ü ŭ v w y z ʒ
a ǝ ɑ̃ b ʦ ʧ d ð e ɛ̃ f g ʤ ɣ h i ɪ j ʒ k x l ʎ m n ɲ o ø ɔ̃ p q ɾ r s ʃ t θ u y ʊ v w ɨ z ʣ
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