Incheon International Airport[]

  • about 1 hour west of Seoul
  • express train that goes directly to Seoul Station. (can check in to your flight in Seoul station)
  • direct inter-city buses to many locations throughout South Korea just outside the international arrival hall. buy the tickets at the airport
  • the airport limousine bus, a seperate network of express buses that ferry people directly to and from Incheon International Airport. Note that the airport limousines typically run from seperate pickup points again to the intercity or express bus terminal.
  • No Korean buses have toilets, and rest stops are not standard on trips of less than 2 hours duration


Seoul to Busan by train
Type Time Price
KTX 2:08 W55,500
Saemaeul 4:45 W41,100
Mugunghwa 5:30 W26,500
All prices off-peak (Mon-Thu), small surcharges apply for peak (Fri-Sun)
  • KTX
  • for travelers coming from or continuing on to Japan, special through tickets are available, giving discounts of 30% on KTX services
  • Korea Train eXpress (KTX) services between Seoul and Busan via Daegu, Daejeon and often Ulsan, 300 km/h
  • The fastest non-stop trains cover the distance in just over two hours
  • 18 cars with the first 3 being first class and the rest reserved economy seating except the very last car (number 18) which is open seating
  • Buying tickets: self-service terminals accepting cash and credit cards
  • Pre-booking any train tickets a day prior is recommended for weekend trips

KR Pass[]

  • The KR Pass is a special rail pass allowing unlimited travel for a set period on any Korail train (including KTX) and including free seat reservation
  • The regular pass costs 58,200/84,600/127,000/160,400/185,100 won for 1/3/5/7/10 days, with additional discounts of 10-20% for youths (age 13-25), students and groups of 2-5 traveling together
  • The pass must be purchased at least five days before travel (preferably before arrival in Korea), and already took an incredible amount of travel (eg. Seoul-Busan roundtrip) to pay off
  • Serious limitations on usage apply during Chuseok in September
  • Joint KR/JR Passes between Korea and Japan also exist


  • At certain retail outlets with a "Tax Free Shopping" or a "Tax Refund Shopping" sign, you can obtain a voucher and get a large percentage of your taxes refunded
  • When you leave Korea, go to customs and have it stamped then go to the "Global Refund Korea" or "Korea Tax Refund" counters near the duty-free shops
  • Bargaining is common at outdoor markets and applies to everything they may have to offer. Ssage juseyo (싸게 주세요). "cheaper, please."



Kyeongbokgung (경복궁)[]

Changdeokgung (창덕궁)[]

Secret Garden (비원)[]

Gwanghwamun (광화문)[]

Seodaemun (서대문)[]

Seoul Tower (서울타워)[]

Teddy Bear Museum[]

Banpo bridge (반포대교)[]

  • turns into beautiful colours at night

Yeouido Island (여의도)[]

63 Building[]

  • splendid parks for rollerblading/biking

Han River (한강)[]

  • cross the bridges connecting Kangbuk and Kangnam of Seoul



  • Traditional items: blue-jade celadon from the Goryeo Dynasty, handmade traditional costumes, paper kites and ceramic pieces that depict human emotions in their designs


  • Fashion

Mok dong Rodeo Street[]

  • Fashion

Myeong dong[]

  • Fashion

Jangangpyeong Antique Market[]

  • Antiques: calligraphic works, ceramics and books



Haeundae beach (해운대)[]