Name: Robert Xun

Education: Grade 8 graduate

Ethnicity: Cantonese, Peruvian Mestizo

Occupation: school

Interests: stuff

My Languages[]

Active Conlangs[]

Quai'op: Language isolate spoken in the Philippines and Taiwan

Gurcaj: Auxlang

Cvsoyseng: Gurcaj 2.0

Whyxooi: Closest relative of Quai'op, spoken in Siberia.

Old Projects[]


Unu Tinqu

Projects used on Conworlds[]

Yarphese: For my country on Conworlds.

Derhish: For User:TimeMaster's country on Conworlds.

Leubantian: For User:TimeMaster's other country on Conworlds.

Proto-Tongiva: For my civilization on Conworlds.

Peshalic: For User:Woogers' civilization on Conworlds.

Languages (in order of proficiency)[]

1. English (native)

2. Spanish (more or less fluent in simple conversation and ability to understand)

3. Chinese (ability to talk casual conversation; I can write simplified and traditional as well as Pinyin, Wade Giles, and BoPoMoFo)