Hi everyone! I've been absent for some time, but I'm back! (Hopefully I'll stay this way.) Whether you're new or a long-standing member of this wiki, I hope to see you around. :D You can catch me on our new Discord server! Check it out at the widget to the right.

Now returning to our regularly scheduled programming:

Hello earthlings. O: I'm Thomi, a 22-year-old university student from the US of A. You can call me Eç or Ech, but you might see some users call me AK, because my old username was AKsroa4a

I've been conlanging for about eight years now, and I'm always trying to hone my skills and create better, more realistic languages. Most if not all of my conlangs will be a priori, and most will belong to a conworld called Aysling.

I'm proud to be one of your disloyal admins (and wiki janitor, activities director, messiah, pet unicorn, and HULK)! If you ever need any assistance, be it with the wiki or with (con)linguistics, or if you want to bring something to my attention, shoot me a message on my Talk Page or hit me up on Discord (echethesi#8274). I'll be happy to help! :)

Disclaimer: If you notice me edit your page, I'm probably either categorizing it or fixing a typo, or both. If you have any concerns, feel free to ask me.

My Conlangs[]