I am Elector Dark, a local admin on this wiki. I eat babies, if public rumour is to be believed. It's kind of my obligation to have this place running properly and manage what goes on.


  • I'm online every day - usually in the late hours during the weekdays. If it happens that I haven't responded to your message within 24 hours, one of the following must have happened:
  1. Some special circumstances (say, power failure) have prevented me.
  2. Someone else has responded to that message with a good enough answer.
  • To actually talk to me face-to-face in chat, leave a message on my talk page (here) with a time bracket of when you're on the wiki, and I will respond with my expected time of entry into chat.
  • I am not available during these dates:
  1. New Year's Eve, Christmas and Easter
  2. 30th and 31st of October (birthday and Halloween)
  3. August 1st to 17th
  4. October 21st to 24th

General Stuff[]

My normalisation of the Hávamǫ́l.
My laboratory.


Here are some of the languages I've worked on or just sketched over the years here and whatnot: