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=My Project=
=My Project=
[[Tumbra]] - My conlang that im working on
[[Tumbra]] (also Umbrean) - My conlang that im working on
[[Wosria]] - Second language im doing
[[Wosria]] - Second language im doing

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Umb Gψг ωrrurζωζ юζωψгaжa ωωd umbrεaπ шεю.

My Project

Tumbra (also Umbrean) - My conlang that im working on

Wosria - Second language im doing


Contionary Wiki aimed to be simular to wiktionary except for conlangs of all kinds



Conling Wiki meant to help people develop languages by gathering all information needed there

Umbrean Wiki Conpedia Talamäskaski

Um-1 This user is learning the Umbrean language.



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