Hello people. I enjoy languages and grammar. I speak some French, and, of course, I am fluent in English. I'd really like it if you'd look at my Conlangs and give me your opinions. Though, I'll probably start over a bunch of times and my langs are constintly changing XD. 

Bonjour tout le monde . J'aime parler des langues et du grammaire . Je parle un petit peu du français, et, bien sûr, je parle l'anglais couramment . J'aimerais bien que vous regarderiez mes connelangues et, peut-être, que vous me diriez votre opinion . Mais, je vais probablement toute refaire la langue souvent car mes langues changent continuellement XD .

Je veux améliorer le français, donc s'il y a des erreurs là-haut, dites-moi s'il vous plaît . Aussi, si vous voulez me parler en français, dites-moi à quel temps et nous pourrons se parler sur le «wiki chat» . Ça me plairait beaucoup ^u^ .

My Conlangs[]

Earth Conlangs[]

  • Nomidian (another romlang o3o I like romlangs o3o I more time to work on this one o3o I can do whatever I want on this one o3o)
  • Nureki (a turklang because I like Cyrillic)
  • Kapanian Arabic (arabic-based lang)
  • (possibly a non-fail germlang. Dunno. Germlangs are hard for me ;-;)
  • MAVE (a conlang off modern-english but a lot more sound changes and stuff)
  • Nahuatl based lang??

A Priori[]

  • Kháubaḍų (inspired by my want to write things in Chinese and Devanagari. I don't know what I want to do with it, but I'll find something)
  • Serpantic (a non-human language spoken by a small ethnic group on a con-planet)


Lalakhmet Map

  • Proto-Lalakhmet (This is my signiture lang. This is my own personal a priori that I cherish. It's in progress, but it will have ancestors and be like a Latin p2, but better)
    • ~~
    • ~~
    • ~~


  • none. because I'm forever alone o3o

Challenge Langs[]

English Conlang[]

Phonology and Orthography[]

Sound Changes[]

t, d > ɾ / V_V̀
t > ʔ / _#
VtV̀n > Ṽʔn 
l > ɣ / #_
l > ɰ 
ə > ɪ ! ə̯
aɪ̯ > ɑ˥˩
eɪ̯ > ɛ˥˩
oʊ̯ > ʌʊ̯˥˩
u > ʌ̯uʷ
i > əiʝ̯
ɪ́ > e:
Vn > Ṽ / _C , _#
Vn > Ṽn / V_V
{ɛ̃ ʌ̃ æ̃ ɑ̃} > {ɛ̃j ʌ̃ə̯ æ̃ə̯ ɑ̃˥˩}
{b d g} > {m n ŋ}
∅ > n / occasionally in closed syllables
{p k} > {pf kx} / V_V