Milyard Vugineth is my (Vylion's) conlanging and worldbuilding persona across the net. It felt weird not to keep it that way in wikia too.

I'm a Computer Science graduate from Barcelona (Spain). I discovered conlanging as a hobby around late October/early November of 2015, and I got instantly hooked into it. I've been conlanging on and off ever since.

I had a previous worldbuilding project that I had abandoned before discovering conlanging, which I decided to resurrect and create some conlangs for it; that project is now called Seyandun, and many of the conlangs I made are exclusively for that world or reused in that world.

In the past, wherever I had a conlanging alt account I went by "Milyard" everywhere (and by "Vylion" on my non-conlanging related accounts). I stopped that on 2020, and just go by Vylion everywhere, but I've kept the accounts from before that. If there's ever anything you want to tell me I will be the most receptive on Telegram, going by @vylion.

My Conlangs[]


Conworld of mine. Some conlangs are made exclusively for this worldbuilding project, while some are made with it in mind but also to be reused in other projects of mine.

  • Caejirian: language of the Caejirian; definitely not elves. Official language of Fareldun.
    • My first conlang ever. As such, as I kept learning I kept scratching and rebooting the language. It must be in its 5th or 6th iteration. The 1st iteration started as a playground to try bad ideas that I knew were bad, but wanted to see what made them bad. After familiarizing myself with those problems, I tried making increasingly better versions of the conlang, completely scrapping vocabulary and grammar 2 or 3 times. I'd say this is my average level.
    • Because of it being my first conlang, and despite the many scratches, it still has some leftover very amateurish characteristics, and I'm very shy about showing them, so I probably won't. Still, I am too tired of rebooting this language and I'm happy enough as it is to use it in my worldbuilding project.
  • [WIP] Ruvraam: simplistic analytic draft conlang. Still a lot of pending work. (non-exclusive... If I ever get around to work on it)
  • Ngazikha: Goblin Tongue. (non-exclusive) (remodeled the orthography and phonetics, I still gotta do that with the page)
    • Funnily enough, despite investing way less time into it than Caejirian, I am way happier and satisfied with it, and less shy about showing it (and I'm talking about its second version, not Knatxiksa - since I did feel uncomfortable enough to push me to revamp it). Maybe because it wasn't meant to be as serious as Caejirian, or maybe because I have accumulated some knowledge and practice; probably a combination. One of my most fleshed out conlangs.
  • Belenite and Beomite: language of Belenos, and continental dialect of Belenite, respectively.
    • I developed Belenite kind of in a rush, so it feels incredibly generic and boring, with little effort put into it. I am happy enough in the result to use it in the world, but not happy enough to get it out there. I'd say this is below my average level.


  • [WIP] Etsurdian: language of the Etsurda. Definitely not dwarves. (Barely started any work on it)
  • [Planned] Galisan: language of the Galisa Archipelago.


Conlangs set in an unspecified conworld or setting:

  • [Planned] Majyyk: highly agglutinative conlang for fantasy spellcasting. May be reused for Seyandun too.
  • [Hibernating] Ná Moruá: 2-tone half-made conlang for a friend.
  • [Hibernating] Àddaru: a sketch of an alien tonal conlang for a different friend.
  • [Hibernating] Pleousto-Arcontese: a sketch of an atlantean daughter language for the r/atlanteanlanguages project.


Conlangs inspired on a simple idea or fun concept for the heck of it:

  • Qastayälo: very early project of a condialect/closely related daughter language of Spanish, just to play around with diachronic change for the first time.
  • [Archived] Nernyşul: friend conlang (as in, secret conlang to speak with my friends) that I'm not happy with anymore.
  • [Hibernating] Rendarian: a daughter language of Ancient Greek tailor-made as a gift for someone who has been an important piece of my life; incomplete.
  • [WIP] Kestixäu: much more recent reboot of the idea behind Qastayälo (diachronic changes onto Spanish) and going the extra mile, putting some thought on its evoultion rather than making phonetic and grammatical changes at random.
  • [WIP] Ji Embitî Indau (or "Zau Indau"): conlang idea with a noun class system based on the 8 cognitive functions of the MBTI and Jungian theories.
  • [WIP] Ainglej: a friend came to me with an "idea for one of my conlangings (sic)" which was "English, but with a heavy Spaniard accent". I decided to take some liberties with the premise and I'm now making an Old English descendant that underwent similar changes to the ones from Vulgar Latin into Spanish.


  • Hellenic Layetan: applying Vulgar Latin to Catalan diachronic changes onto Ancient Greek
  • Swinglang (working name): conlang inspired on Swing & Jazz improvised singing and scat singing in general
  • Thimska: a personal conlang derived from Old West Norse
  • I came up with the idea of taking the SMT spell names and develop a conlang out of them too, but nothing came out of it (yet)
  • I also came up with the idea of taking the Unas language of Stargate and further expand it; again, nothing came out of that