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A mediocre (and now inaccurate) map of said project world.

Just another conlanger, as you could probably assume. I'm putting a few of my conlangs for this project currently only called "LoS" on here just to keep organized, hopefully they'll turn out OK.

My ConlangsEdit

  • Irkhilakhu, which is the most widely spoken language other than Common in said world. (Under Construction)
  • Old Irkhilakhu, the ancestor of this language extant during this world's early medieval period. (Not yet created)
  • Yfaar, named after the ruling dynasty of the vast desert Nanra. (Heavily Under Construction)
  • 5ui2y, a conlang for a challenge to make a language with no consonants. (Completed, though the article on this wiki is not a complete representation of the language. Also, it's only really completed in the sense that I'm not coming back to it -- as a language, it is nowhere near done.)
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