Hi my name is André Pereira(Please Call me as Redwars or Andrew).

If you want or need to talk with me I'm available in Conlang chat from 09:00AM-12:00AM(BRT) and 18:00AM-21:00AM(BRT) and I'm available all the day in weekends.

Here is my profile on ConWorkShop

My Stuff[]

These conlangs will be available on this wiki soon!

Conlang Based on Classification Status
Aurorese Arabic Modern Standard Arabic,

Egyptian Arabic,

Levantine Arabic

  • Arabic
    • Aurorese Arabic
      • Standard Aurorese Arabic
  • Progressing
Unnamed language Unknown Unknown Unknown
Buwari Shanghainese
  • Sinitic
    • Wu
      • Shanghainese
        • Buwari