Asonobov (I'm happy about this from a "dang this is pretty weird" perspective, but sad from a "dang this has no grammar" perspective.)

Getgi Itde (This conlang will define a sprachbund in another set of languages that I hope to put on the wiki one day.)

Alternate Klingon Language (Fan-language for Klingon from Star Trek. The idea (I swear here!) is to take the names of Klingons from this page, isolate a few phonemes, clean up the orthography, and make some words. I got stuck on Step 2.)

Meowing Dialect Continuum (Fan-language for Kranti. There are seven dialects in the dialect system, and even though it should be pretty easy to do this, I keep forgetting to work on it.)

Ngyotbr (I don't know why I made this and it's never the same thing.)

Nightmare Realm Conlangs[]

These conlangs are spoken in a reality where the scientific method is not a valid way of gaining information. This is why they are not naturalistic and have restricted, unusual phonologies.

Nomnom(I wanted to improve on someone else's response to a prompt and also speak a stack language. I only did the first one.)

Skulinga (This conlang was created through a combination of Aq, Ayeyarok'þ, and Eçeþesi.)

Bbwal Pwabb!we (This conlang was originally supposed to be able to be turned back into English, but I've realized I no longer understand most of the reasons for choosing the words I did.)

Vowelchart (This conlang has to have all the vowels in the Wikipedia IPA chart, and only those vowels.)

Kijehoba Kabufufu