About myself[]

Hello, I'm Waahlis, or if you're Swedish, Wåhlis, and I'm one of the less active members of this community.

During the early months of 2012, I single-handedly started a reconstruction of the wiki, and eventually gathered quite the support. Eventually, however, a better offer landed on my table, and I packed my things and moved to the new Conlang Wiki on Wikkii, where I nowadays reside most of the time.

This doesn't mean that this wiki doesn't lie close to my heart, and should any arguments or bigger questions arise, I will be there. If you want to contact me, well, either go to the new wiki or visit my talk page! I'll notice it either way!

My user name is a translation of a shortened version of a quotation from Cicero's De Officiis, similarly to the administrator Flag of Kihāmát (1957-).png pá mamūnám ontā́ bán.

VW.png non nobis solvm.



  • Your Attention, please!
  • Votre Attention, s'il vous plaît!
  • Su Atención, por favor!
  • Ihre Aufmerksamkeit, bitte!
  • Er Uppmärksamhet, tack!
  • Η Προσοχή σας, παρακαλώ!

This reconstruction has been rendered outdated. Change of administratorship, internal and external arguments has caused the reconstruction to come to a decisive stop. Perhaps one day it'll be revived. Perhaps not.

For the "Creating Languages" and The Conlinguistics Wiki. - the Language Construction Kit of Zompist.


This blog was at the time my only way of dispersing my ideas of the reconstruction, and really did ought to be read!

To do...[]

To Remember...[]

  • Personal demonstratives; compared to proximal-distal ones.
  • Simple active-stative distinction.
  • Gender-based conjugation.
  • Collective standard number.
  • Aspect-richness through periphrasis.
  • Some fun diatheses...

To Remember for Nāmic[]

  • Word derivation.
  • Complete phonotactics.
  • Lexemes with initial "ә-" receive the plural form "-ni".
  • Transitive word order may be OVS in question?
  • Word order should be altered to be Np-Vp, rather than mixed.
  • Remove the future tense and replace.


I have decided to implement the full Neumatic League of languages, all inspired by different language families, though with great similarities in between. They all have the same foundation, lexically, but differences in grammar and phonology. Sooner or later, all these languages will be represented on the site.

Neumatic League[]

Naṃkrthāvāka - an Indo-European and Indo-Iranian influenced language.

{C}Nūi Nhā - a Polynesian inspired language.

Atzlā ātlau - an Uto-Aztecan language, with features from my old languages.

Ddánna Náir - a Celtic inspired language.

Мıpсκя Иaɔьyκa (Mırskya Jazȷyka) - a language with Slavic influences.


I also have horrible fascination of quotes, and there's a reason why they intrigue me, you know why?

The next best thing to being clever is being able to quote someone who is. - Mary Pettibone Poole

I like quoting Einstein. Know why? Because nobody dares contradict you. - Studs Terkel

Από τον Θαλή[]

Τί πρότερον γεγόνοι, νὺξ ἢ ἡμέρα; νύξ, μιᾷ ἡμέρᾳ πρότερον.

"What is older, day or night? Night is older, by one day."

Τί καινὸν εἴη τεθεαμένος; Γέροντα τύραννον.

"What is rarely seen? An aged tyrant."

Τί εὔκολον; Τὸ ἄλλῳ ὑποτίθεσθαι.

"What is easy? To counsel another."

- Thales