The winner with the worst orthography is Bzøssktlyx which looks like a hungarian and a dane where drunk and decided to start dancing on their keyboards. I mean come on look at the name does anyone even know who to pronouce that ugly shite. please just kill it with fire now, I mean seriously why use x for /X/ its just way too ugly, yuck.

Xatxqw'obźadgaź bžahkxuslabgatx htaqwatxašqužxyžnaxatx qabzbžuzatxašbgagabatxybad xag. Bžaaxloqatl xag kaxiltxašskxasžawadgaź ktlaxlaladqabz dudxax txozowg'agad øb'øb. doesn't that just burn your eyes, I mean

The language with the worst back story is Mjeh, I mean lava people that has to be the most shit back story I have ever seen did a fucking 4 year old write it for you Pat5005. I mean under the earth's mantle that is worse than saying space pirates with big guns which fire lazer sharks.

The language with the worst grammar is the Bqiqqe I mean it is very confusing, what is up with this confusing, I mean sometimes the grammar has to change the stem and nothing seems to stay the same. it is so confusing I mean what is this colour system. and that usage = signs makes it all go over my head

There was a draw between n!paid with its annoying nasals and its extremely high pitch tones and Bzøssktlyx with is unprounceable words

Also the post postions of n!paid were also very bad and very kebab like. I mean really distinguishing a speakers sexuality, how the fuck does that work for something like a house, so a house is considered gay but the door is considered straight?

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