Cask Of Armadillo Cask Of Armadillo 10 January 2016

Modern Slavlang Challenge -- Official Announcement

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Overview
  • 3 Specific Rules
  • 4 Final Judging
  • 5 Important Updates
  • 6 Entries So Far

Hey guys, it's almost time to start the Modern Slavlang Challenge!  (It starts a little bit after the proto-lang challenge ends) 

Therefore, I'm reannouncing it so that it will show up under the popular blog posts.  (If there's a way to do that without creating a whole nother page, please let me know.

Some things further down on this page have been changed from the original blog post, so please don't assume you know all rules of the challenge just because you read the other blog post.  These changes will be underlined.

Also, if you would like to participate, PLEASE comment on this post along with the name of your language so I can add you to the list of entries.

So, w…

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Cask Of Armadillo Cask Of Armadillo 26 September 2015

Modern Slavlang Challenge

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Specific Rules
  • 3 Final Judging
  • 4 Important Updates
  • 5 Entries So Far

The goal of this challenge is to create a modern language descended from one of the following:

  • Old Church Slavonic
  • Old East Slavic
  • Proto-Slavic

The sound changes may not be characteristic to any modern Slavic Language (or any language other than the three listed, for that matter).

  • The language must have its sound changes either listed on the page, have a link posted on the page, or be readily available to anyone who requests to see them.
  • There will be a required translation, given as soon as the challenge officially begins.
  • Starting before the start date is allowed, as long as it is not on the wiki.  Feel free to sketch out ideas on paper before the designated start date, but o…

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Cask Of Armadillo Cask Of Armadillo 22 September 2015

The Signup Sheet

Hey guys, it's Koa.  I've created a signup sheet for all future challenges on the Constructed Language Wiki.  AFAIK (maybe not) I'll be in charge of this but acting under ED.  Therefore, as this is an official challenge schedule, it's imperitive that you add your name to the signup list or else you will not be allowed to host an official challenge.  AFAIK this is without exception (at least for now) to ensure that this runs smoothly.

Since Septillion has expressed an interest in hosting a challenge, he will be allowed to sign up before midnight, but all other entries may not be posted until after 12:00 AM EST 9/23/15.  This will ensure fairness by allowing Septillion to call first dibs if he so chooses.

The signup sheet is located here.

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