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Eçeþesi Eçeþesi 23 July 2015

Voting! – April15 Romlang Challenge

Now that the Romlang challenge has finally come to a close, voting shall begin!

The candidates are:

  • Ambanian by Elector Dark
  • Cirtanian by Tee Seven
  • Italicys by Th1nkja1lbreak
  • Jerezian by Chei99
  • Lencva gi Soc by Narghargs
  • Leten sciionron by Greatbuddha
  • Prytannic by Blob doom
  • Standard Shax by Maxseptillion77
  • Vandalic by IHCOYC
  • Vishrian by Gibberish Inspired
  • Xarrano by Karta.sosial

The rules for voting are:

  • All members of the community may vote, even those who did not submit an entry to the challenge.
  • All voters have three votes.
  • Votes may either be positive (+) or negative (-).
  • Voters who submitted an entry may only vote for their own conlang once.
  • When you vote, you must provide a reason for your decision; this helps others decide, and provides feedback to t…

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Eçeþesi Eçeþesi 19 April 2015

New Challenge Because I Said So – April15 Romlang Challenge

Okay so I noticed that everyone is starting romlangs lately so I decided to why not make it a challenge. :D

Since the other challenge (the February collablang one) kinda fizzled, I think it's a good idea to detour to this for a while. We'll come back to the collablang challenge if enough people want to.

So basically rules:

  • must be evolved directly from Latin (this is not to say no external influences), no mashing existing Romance languages together or simplifying/modifying one (to be fair, even if I didn't make this a rule, you'd lose for doing this anyway)
  • can belong to an existing branch of Romance or an invented one
  • the conlang's page must feature a list of sound changes and grammatical changes from (Vulgar) Latin
  • there will be a required tra…

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Eçeþesi Eçeþesi 12 February 2015

Conlang Challenge! - February Collablang Challenge

Hey guys.

Sorry for taking so so so so long to get this up. You're all probably irritated with me and I understand. Life just got hectic. Oh well.

It's finally time for our second Conlang Challenge! This time around will work significantly differently, and hopefully more smoothly.

Unlike last time, there will not be a designated sign-up period. This is because, unlike the last challenge, the challenge is not highly restricted on time. The last challenge ran for two weeks; this one will for more like two months. 

This challenge will begin when I publish this blog post, and will run for approximately two months. The tentative deadline will be April 1, but may be subject to change. In keeping with the last challenge, conlangs b…

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Eçeþesi Eçeþesi 29 January 2015

Conlanging Schedule

I found this comment in a conlanging group on Facebook and loved it so I'm sharing it.

It's a description of conlangs as a conlanger creates successively more conlangs. 

1 - Usually not daring, often barely more than a cipher
2 - We've hit Wikipedia a few times now, so we have clicks, tones, phonation, too many cases, a poor attempt at incorporation, infixed articles and the classic kitchen sink
3 - Noticing #2 was a mess, we now decide to do something a bit simpler, but still pushing the wacky meter up. Thus we get the conlangs that look like Iau or Wari'.
4 - Conlanger accidentally repeats step 2 or 3. Accelerated users are making a Romlang or Germlang under the influence of Vietnamese or Piraha
5 - Jokelang
6 - Period of remorse. 
7 - Period o…

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