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Voting! – April15 Romlang Challenge

Now that the Romlang challenge has finally come to a close, voting shall begin!

The candidates are:

  • Ambanian by Elector Dark
  • Cirtanian by Tee Seven
  • Italicys by Th1nkja1lbreak
  • Jerezian by Chei99
  • Lencva gi Soc by Narghargs
  • Leten sciionron by Greatbuddha
  • Prytannic by Blob doom
  • Standard Shax by Maxseptillion77
  • Vandalic by IHCOYC
  • Vishrian by Gibberish Inspired
  • Xarrano by Karta.sosial

The rules for voting are:

  • All members of the community may vote, even those who did not submit an entry to the challenge.
  • All voters have three votes.
  • Votes may either be positive (+) or negative (-).
  • Voters who submitted an entry may only vote for their own conlang once.
  • When you vote, you must provide a reason for your decision; this helps others decide, and provides feedback to t…

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Eçeþesi Eçeþesi 25 April 2016

Rules of the August Challenge!

It's time to announce the criteria of our first Conlang Challenge!

In case this is anyone's first time hearing of this, please visit this page in order to learn more.

Because it's our first challenge, it will have fairly simple, though still challenging, requirements.

Without further ado, the requirements for this challenge are

  • the conlang must be a priori, or created from scratch, without basis in any existing language;
  • it must be created in two* weeks; and
  • you must translate the first two articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Therefore, this is a speedlanging challenge! Given that this challenge is starting on August 17, and you have two weeks to complete it, you must submit your entry by September 1.

Now, ready, set, start conl…

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Eçeþesi Eçeþesi 25 April 2016

Results! – August14 Speedlang Challenge

Thank you to everyone who participated in the August Challenge! I hope you found it as fun as I did.

As many of you have been waiting for, the results are in. The final score is:

Ahise: +4
Ggän: +4
Likubenge: +3
Luluvo: +6
Shalledian: +4
Shinsali: +8
Wexelgwe: +2
Xongeith: +2
Xwarṣa: +7
Ødilaaife: +8

Therefore, we have a tie between Shinsali and Ødilaaife! Congrats to the winners.

The winning conlangs will be featured on the Main Page, as well as under Spotlight in the navigation panel at the top of every page. Additionally, the second and third runners up, Xwarṣa and Luluvo respectively, will also be featured.

Thank you again to everyone! I look forward to future challenges and hope you do too. :D

PS., the lock on the pages above are now over. Those of …

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New Challenge Because I Said So – April15 Romlang Challenge

Okay so I noticed that everyone is starting romlangs lately so I decided to why not make it a challenge. :D

Since the other challenge (the February collablang one) kinda fizzled, I think it's a good idea to detour to this for a while. We'll come back to the collablang challenge if enough people want to.

So basically rules:

  • must be evolved directly from Latin (this is not to say no external influences), no mashing existing Romance languages together or simplifying/modifying one (to be fair, even if I didn't make this a rule, you'd lose for doing this anyway)
  • can belong to an existing branch of Romance or an invented one
  • the conlang's page must feature a list of sound changes and grammatical changes from (Vulgar) Latin
  • there will be a required tra…

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