The admins, AKsroa4a and Elector Dark, are happy to announce the first Conlang Wikia Challenge!

This will be the first in a series of challenges to create a conlang that meets certain criteria. Each challenge will have a unique set of requirements and conditions. Challenges will consist of a sign-up period (which begins at the publication of this blog post), a construction period, and a judging period.

During the sign-up period, members who wish to participate in the challenge may sign up by commenting on this blog post. There are no requirements to participate. If you later wish to drop out of the challenge, you may do so at any time. If you wish to join after the sign-up period, you may also do so, but be aware that the other participants have a head start on you (the challenges will be time-sensitive). For this challenge, the sign-up period will last until Saturday, August 16, 2014.

The construction period, during which participants will complete the challenge by creating their conlang, begins the day after the end of the sign-up period ends (in this case, Sunday, August 17, 2014). The specific requirements and conditions for that challenge will be announced at 10pm EST the day ending the sign-up period. All challenges will have the requirement that the conlang be original for the challenge. Languages created before the challenge is announced will not be accepted. Conlangs being submitted for the challenge should be placed in the category August Challenge.

The judging period will begin with the end of the construction period. First, the submitted conlangs will be screened by the admins to ensure they meet the requirements of the challenge. After this screening, the conlangs that meet the requirements of the challenge will be announced in a blog post, on which members of the community may comment about what they like and dislike about each, and ultimately may vote on which they believe should be the winner. All members of the community may vote, whether they participated in the challenge or not. The winner of the challenge will be determined by the community vote.

So please, if you wish you participate in our first Conlang Challenge, sign up now, and check back at the next blog post to find out what the challenge is!

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