Hey guys.

Sorry for taking so so so so long to get this up. You're all probably irritated with me and I understand. Life just got hectic. Oh well.

It's finally time for our second Conlang Challenge! This time around will work significantly differently, and hopefully more smoothly.

Unlike last time, there will not be a designated sign-up period. This is because, unlike the last challenge, the challenge is not highly restricted on time. The last challenge ran for two weeks; this one will for more like two months. 

This challenge will begin when I publish this blog post, and will run for approximately two months. The tentative deadline will be April 1, but may be subject to change. In keeping with the last challenge, conlangs begun before the challenge begins will not be accepted. Conlangs being submitted to the challenge should be placed in the February Challenge category (in which in blog post is also entered).

Now, to announce the requirements for this season's challenge!

This challenge will be to create a collablang (collaboration language). This means that you must work together in pairs to construct a conlang. In addition to this, conlangs for this challenge must employ a morphosyntactic alignment other than nominative-accusative.

Users may submit more than one entry as part of up to three collaborations.

Get ready-
Get set-

Happy conlanging!

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