Now that nominations have ended, voting shall now commence! 

The nominees are:

Xwarṣa and Ødilaaïffe were also nominated, but as they have already been featured as a result of the Conlang Challenge, it would be redundant to feature them again, therefore I have decided that they are not eligible for this vote. They may eligible again for later Spotlight votes after their current feature has elapsed.

For this vote, all members receive one vote (which may only be positive). Once again, you vote simply by commenting on this blog post.

Voting ends Monday, November 10th. The winner(s) will be announced on Tuesday, November 11th, the Conlang Wiki's 10th birthday! 

EDIT: Due to a lack of participation, voting has been extended until the end of November. If you have not yet, please vote now!

(Late votes will be accepted until the winner(s) is/are announced.)

Please refrain from making tangential remarks in the comments of this blog post. Questions and concerns may be left on my Talk Page or the previous blog post.

Edit: Please only vote for one conlang. Do not make conditions such as "If ___ gets other votes..." And yes, Zzatud has been removed by request of its creator.