Okay so I noticed that everyone is starting romlangs lately so I decided to why not make it a challenge. :D

Since the other challenge (the February collablang one) kinda fizzled, I think it's a good idea to detour to this for a while. We'll come back to the collablang challenge if enough people want to.

So basically rules:

  • must be evolved directly from Latin (this is not to say no external influences), no mashing existing Romance languages together or simplifying/modifying one (to be fair, even if I didn't make this a rule, you'd lose for doing this anyway)
  • can belong to an existing branch of Romance or an invented one
  • the conlang's page must feature a list of sound changes and grammatical changes from (Vulgar) Latin
  • there will be a required translation, though the exact text to be translated has not yet been determined (suggestions are welcome)
  • add entries to the category April Romlang challenge

Submissions will be due July 20, 2015. Winner(s) will be chosen by vote, as always, and will be featured on the front page and spotlight section of the navbar at the top of all pages.

Any questions, concerns, suggestions, or other comments are welcome.

All details are subject to change without notice.

Edit: Changed due date to June 20. (Updated April 20.)

Edit 2: Due date moved back to July 20, per requests. (Updated June 21.)

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