It's time to announce the criteria of our first Conlang Challenge!

In case this is anyone's first time hearing of this, please visit this page in order to learn more.

Because it's our first challenge, it will have fairly simple, though still challenging, requirements.

Without further ado, the requirements for this challenge are

  • the conlang must be a priori, or created from scratch, without basis in any existing language;
  • it must be created in two* weeks; and
  • you must translate the first two articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Therefore, this is a speedlanging challenge! Given that this challenge is starting on August 17, and you have two weeks to complete it, you must submit your entry by September 1.

Now, ready, set, start conlanging!

(Let it please be known that not all challenges will have such a short time period. The challenge in this challenge is the time, so later challenges will have longer construction periods.)

(* This amount of time may be lengthened if a large majority of participants are not able to near completion in the current time allotted.)

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