Eçeþesi Eçeþesi 25 April 2016

Judging! – August14 Speedlang Challenge

Welp, now that the construction period is over, it's now time to get the voting underway!

To explain first how voting shall operate:

  • All members of the community may vote, even those who did not submit an entry to the challenge.
  • All voters have three votes.
  • Votes may either be positive (+) or negative (-).
  • Voters who submitted an entry may only vote for their own conlang once.
  • When you vote, you must provide a reason for your decision; this helps others decide, and provides feedback to the contestants.
  • You may change your vote at any time until the end of the judging period.
  • To submit your vote, simply comment on this blog post.
  • You may only vote on the approved qualifying entries.

Speaking of qualifying entries, I shall now announce which entries …

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Eçeþesi Eçeþesi 25 April 2016

For the Lulz

So, I was skimming Facebook before heading to sleep and stumbled across an article claiming that "scientists" have found all human languages to trace back to a single ancestral language in Africa, and that modern languages with more phonemes are older (like Khoisan), and those with fewer phonemes are younger (like Hawaiian).

I don't know what kind of "scientist" this guy is but he's not a very good one. >.>

So yeah, have fun laughing at that. Or crying. Whichever suits your fancy.

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Conlanging Schedule

I found this comment in a conlanging group on Facebook and loved it so I'm sharing it.

It's a description of conlangs as a conlanger creates successively more conlangs. 

1 - Usually not daring, often barely more than a cipher
2 - We've hit Wikipedia a few times now, so we have clicks, tones, phonation, too many cases, a poor attempt at incorporation, infixed articles and the classic kitchen sink
3 - Noticing #2 was a mess, we now decide to do something a bit simpler, but still pushing the wacky meter up. Thus we get the conlangs that look like Iau or Wari'.
4 - Conlanger accidentally repeats step 2 or 3. Accelerated users are making a Romlang or Germlang under the influence of Vietnamese or Piraha
5 - Jokelang
6 - Period of remorse. 
7 - Period o…

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Eçeþesi Eçeþesi 25 April 2016

Conlang Wiki Turns 10! - Spotlight Voting

Now that nominations have ended, voting shall now commence! 

The nominees are:

  • Ännatropa
  • Darahti
  • Iáþi
  • Kti
  • Nukilmea
  • Ringwa
  • Theubeg
  • Уацин

Xwarṣa and Ødilaaïffe were also nominated, but as they have already been featured as a result of the Conlang Challenge, it would be redundant to feature them again, therefore I have decided that they are not eligible for this vote. They may eligible again for later Spotlight votes after their current feature has elapsed.

For this vote, all members receive one vote (which may only be positive). Once again, you vote simply by commenting on this blog post.

Voting ends Monday, November 10th. The winner(s) will be announced on Tuesday, November 11th, the Conlang Wiki's 10th birthday! 

EDIT: Due to a lack of participation, v…

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Eçeþesi Eçeþesi 25 April 2016

Conlang Wiki Turns 10! - Spotlight Nominations

Hello everyone!

Guess what? In two weeks, Conlang Wikia turns 10! :D

To celebrate its birthday, we're going to have a vote for a featured conlang.

Starting today, all contributors to the wiki may nominate a conlang that they believe deserves to be featured. You do not need to be a registered user to nominate, though of course registering is appreciated. 

There are no prerequisites to be a nominee. You may nominate more than one conlang, and you may nominate your own if you choose. To nominate, post a link to a conlang's page in the comments of this blog post.

Open nominations will last for a week, and therefore close on November 4. After nominations close, voting will begin with a new blog post. The rules for voting will be posted then, and vot…

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