Welcome to the Old Elvish homepage, where we can challenge each other to translate passages of Old Elvish so the language can expand indefinitely. First I would like to start off by entering in a few small English sentences, and will give the bare necessities needed to translate them into this ancient language. If you are interested, please try your best translation and send the answer back to my email If you have the correct answer (which I assure you, you will, because the sentences are quite easy), you can make a sentence in English and post it on this page for another person to translate and send back to me, and so on.

Please feel free to add your own words to Old Elvish. If you want to do so, please email me the words and their English/Old Elvish meaning. I will feel honored.

1. The bird sings quietly in the trees while I enter my house. When it stops singing, I can hear the water in my garden softly fall onto the sculpted marble.

elem: bird—moresten: to sing—ehin: quiet—danir: tree—it: while—echanan: to enter—verot: house—ei: when—yefaren: to stop—raen: to be able to—tinen: to hear—imur: water—elod: garden—samod: soft—onen: fall—uminen: to shape, to sculpt—tasáme: a type of rock similar to marble

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